June 18, 2018


Webcam Cover Review: Which Security Cover is Best for Your Business?

We’ve all heard the jokes targeting the “FBI agent in [our] computers.” But, jokes aside, our webcams are not secure. The NSA is not the only organization monitoring computer cameras, skilled hackers possess the same ability to access technology. PROMOrx offers several webcam security covers aimed at protecting users from surveillants.

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June 04, 2018


Portable Charger Review: Which Custom Charger is Best for Your Business?

Portable chargers are the newest tech necessity. In this age of technology, everyone is looking for something quick and convenient to keep their technology functioning throughout the day. PROMOrx has multiple custom portable chargers to choose from. But, which one is best for you and your company? To answer this question, I tested three of our available branded phone chargers. You can find my thoughts on each below. 

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May 16, 2018


Why Brand Consistency is Essential to Your ROI

marketing team

For small business owners, it takes more than a good product to achieve long-term success. In today’s competitive market, business owners must focus on building their brand if they want to make a lasting impact on consumers.

When it comes to proper branding, few things are more important for your ROI than consistency. Consumers expect your brand to evolve with them, but they also want the core values of your brand to remain reliable.

And yet, brands are inconsistent all the time, resulting in significant losses of revenue and loyal customers. Here, let’s take a look at how your brand consistency can directly impact your bottom line.

Build an Emotional Connection

What do you think is more important to your customers: customer satisfaction or an emotional connection to your brand?

If your answer was the latter, you are correct. According to a study by Harvard Business Review, emotionally connected customers have more than twice as high a customer lifetime value than highly satisfied customers.

The key to driving emotional connections to your brand is to keep the message consistent. Apple is a great example of a brand that creates emotional connections to their products in every communication. When a consumer thinks of Apple products, they think of sleek designs and innovative technology. 

Their consistency and strong focus on building a lifestyle around their brand has led to emotionally invested consumers — consumers who won’t even look at the other competitors before purchasing the latest Apple product.

The takeaway is clear: If you want your brand to be the first place customers shop for a product, you must be consistent with your branding.

Create Powerful Brand Advocates

 couple on phones

As a business, you may feel very confident about your products and services are, but nothing is more powerful to potential consumers than a glowing review from one of our customers. Consumers trust each other more than brands, which is why it’s every business owner’s dream to have powerful brand advocates to sing their brand’s praises.

Your most loyal customers don’t just love your products — they love your brand and what it represents. The companies with the best brand advocates have successfully created a lifestyle around their brand by being consistent with their branding efforts.

Don’t forget that the best brand advocates are often your own employees. Since they are invested in the company’s success, encourage them to share their stories with the community. Giving them cool tech gear with your logo can solidify their loyalty and help them spread awareness of your brand.

Stretch Your Promotional Budget

Have you ever experienced a brand disconnect with promotional products? It happens more often than you might think — and it can destroy a brand’s ROI.

One example is an eco-friendly company that forgoes sustainable promotional items and instead chooses to hand out branded swag that is clearly not eco-friendly. Or a high-end luxury brand that believes handing out cheap, plastic promotional items will somehow resonate with their target market.

Every small business owner wants to save money where possible. But spending your dollars on cheap products isn’t going to accomplish this, especially if those products aren’t consistent with your brand identity.

To make the most of your promotional budget, you need to choose promotional products that align with your brand’s core values, make an impact on your target market and are consistent with your branding. These items will be much less likely to end up in the trash, and they’ll give you a lot more bang for your buck.

Set Consumer Expectations

woman on ipad

We are creatures of habit. As customers, we like to know exactly what to expect when we shop at our favorite brands.

Branding should be considered a promise to the consumer. With consistent branding, you are building trust and reinforcing why a customer should choose your brand over the competition.

Inconsistent branding compromises this promise, disrupting the customer’s experience and perception of your brand. If you’re known for exceptional customer service, it would be damaging to your reputation and revenue if bad reviews were to suddenly pop up online.

With consistent branding, you can keep your promise to consumers and build greater trust in your brand. And as most business owners know, consumer trust is essential to driving sales.

Forge Higher Price Points

Why do consumers purchase UGG boots when they could purchase a less expensive brand? After all, they aren’t the only company that lines their boots with sheepskin.

People remain loyal because UGG has done a great job with their branding. Their messaging assures customers that their boots offer unparalleled comfort and quality construction. Established in 1978, they have emerged as one of the most iconic footwear brands of the 21st century.

The Bottom Line

In our digital-savvy world, branding is more important than ever. With new ways to reach consumers and change their perceptions of your brand, it is now crucial to maintain brand consistency at every touchpoint.

Whether you are just beginning to build your brand or have been in the business world for years, it’s important that your branding remain constant. While your business may evolve and adapt over time, your brand identity should stay strong to achieve the best ROI in an ever-changing marketplace.

May 09, 2018


Best in Show: Use Buyer Personas to Make Wise Decisions about Conference Swag

 business conference

To get real value from your promotional products, it helps to gather data to enable your team to identify tradeshow giveaways that will resonate with your audience. Start by developing your buyer persona before the conference or event and then use the knowledge you gathered through a shared interest — like a well-chosen, conversation-starting corporate swag item — to round out your buyer personas after the fact.

Not only can identifying buyer personas help conference attendees connect with your brand, but it can also inform you about how brand voice, style and design can be tailored to conference attendees. This is all valuable information when you’re planning your branded giveaway for the next industry event. Plus, the right promotional items will also help marketing strategists, content creators and designers make decisions that support your business goals.

How to Define Your Buyer Personas

According to the Digital Marketing Institute, personalized marketing campaigns have the power to drive 18 times more revenue than generalized ones. Creating tailored marketing means more brand loyalty, better company engagement and — perhaps most importantly, especially for a young business — fewer dollars spent marketing to groups that probably won’t engage with your business. Here’s how to define your buyer personas so you can be successful at the next conference.


  • A Day in the Life — Putting yourself in the shoes of your target consumer is a great way to help understand their needs, address pain points and tailor your product to their expectations. It’s also a good way to help understand which types of conference giveaways will resonate the most with your ideal customer. For example, if you’re dealing with consumers who are tech-savvy and care about staying connected with friends and family, you can bet you’ll be successful with cool tech giveaways.
  • Talk to Attendees — Simply making assumptions about your target audience won’t yield the best results. One of the simplest ways to gather data about your target audience is to talk to attendees at industry events. It’s one of the few times that you’ll actually get to engage, face-to-face, with real-life prospects en masse. Ask them why they came to the conference, determine their professional role and identify which promotional products they prefer. Treat every conference as an opportunity to engage and learn.
  • Make Quality Interactions — When you’re dealing with large crowds of people all day, it can be exhausting and easy to forget how important every interaction is. Make your booth time extremely valuable by prioritizing quality over quantity.  Lead with a question like “What brought you to this event?” so that you can immediately start developing that person’s buyer persona in your head.
  • Prep Beforehand — Before you head into a conference, you should have a solid idea of who your target consumer is. And after the event is over, you should have a few fully realized buyer personas that you can leverage moving forward. Pre-conference, do a little bit of research through social media and marketing data to ensure that you’re engaging with the right group. This will help you identify the most valuable leads at every event.

Leveraging Personas with Swag

Naturally, you can really benefit from having quality, in-depth conversations with conference attendees. But when these attendees are constantly bombarded by competitors and other companies at the same event, you have to figure out a way to stand out so that you can get the best access to the consumer. Ask yourself the question: What would prompt a quality interaction at the event? It might be creating a unique custom booth, having a particularly engaging demonstration or developing a few unique tradeshow giveaways.

 figet spinner with logo

  • Use Swag to Start Conversations — No one likes to feel bombarded by a salesperson, even if that’s the nature of a specific trade show or conference. A good way to encourage natural conversation at a well-attended event is to use unique branded items that are guaranteed to start a conversation. This might be something like a branded fidget spinner or a piece of promotional apparel with a funny, unconventional or locally inspired design.
  • Offer Swag as an Incentive — If you’re big on creating giveaway tiers — for example, offering low-cost promotional tote bags and pens to all attendees and saving more premium giveaways for the most promising leads — then you already know that the promise of a great tradeshow gift can prompt people into action. To really sharpen your brand personas, try offering higher-end gifts to consumers who fill out a survey or test your product. It’s a great way to perform market research while in the field.
  • Re-Energize Your Booth — One of the most successful ways to use every single swag dollar to your advantage is to use premium freebies — such as branded Bluetooth speakers and other cool tech swag — as part of sweepstakes and drawings. When your goal is to interact with attendees, you can leverage this strategy by hosting hourly drawings to get visitors back into your booth. Repeat interactions mean more recognition, trust and loyalty over time.
  • Create Cool Swag Bags — You may think that creating swag bundles with several branded items would be cost-prohibitive, but that’s not so if you’re wise about how you spend your budget. The great thing about swag kits is that they offer an opportunity for you to add additional information about your company in the form of flyers, business cards and literature. Include a flyer in your swag bag alongside your unique giveaways to encourage consumers to fill out surveys that will help you determine your ideal audience.

You already know that promotional gifts are good for business. Over 94 percent of people say they won’t forget the name of an advertiser or product if its emblazoned on a promotional product, after all. But the value of corporate swag doesn’t end there. It’s also a great way to encourage face-to-face customer engagement, especially at highly competitive events like conferences and tradeshows.

May 02, 2018


Nurture Lead Generation with Enticing Conference Giveaways

There are tons of unique ways to boost your lead generation approach, from word-of-mouth advertising and referrals to leveraging social media. But there’s one strategy you might have overlooked: conference giveaways. We know what you’re thinking — swag is expensive and probably has a low ROI — but that’s actually not the case in most scenarios. Why? People love company giveaways, and it helps them connect with your company in a memorable way.

Lead generation 

In fact, branded swag has the power to solidify your brand in a potential customer’s brain. Need proof? According to this study by Crowdspring, corporate swag can boost brand interest by up to 79 percent and leave a good impression with the participants. As far as ROI goes, that all comes down to how wisely you use your giveaway budget. Lead generation is important for every stage of business, so you’ve got to be creative when developing your marketing strategy.

Choosing the Right Promotional Items

When you’re choosing promotional items specifically to help heighten your lead generation efforts, you need to follow a few simple rules. Successful promotional items are always practical, useful, memorable, affordable, tailored to your audience and easy to ship. But beyond that, you need to choose promotional products that are unique and stand out. After all, your potential leads are likely to be bombarded with tons of swag from competitors at the same event.

Some of the most popular promotional product categories are wearables, followed by gifts like drinkware, bags and writing instruments. Noticing a trend here? Consumers love things they can use, and companies know that they’ll make stronger impressions when their swag is on display out in daily life.

business people trade fair

With that in mind, we think that tech promotional items are by far the most underestimated product category out there. Branding tech items and gadgets — phone chargers, wellness wearables, USB hubs, earphones, data-blocking USB adapters and more — are a surefire way to ensure that your corporate giveaways are actually used. Plus, based on current research, the number of companies using promotional tech devices and accessories as swag hovers just below six percent. In other words, you know you’ll be handing out something unique and desired.

You also want to think about how your trade show handouts align with your brand. Do a little bit of market research to determine who your target consumer is, and then select promotional products that resonate with the most qualified leads. Pick products that relate to your company, whether it’s specific (like choosing custom spiral notebooks for universities) or something general, like high-quality swag to match your quality-focused business model.

Doubling-Down with Promos and Swag

Now that you have some good-quality conference giveaways to hand out at your next tradeshow or special event, how do you make sure that these products help you engage with potential customers and rack up leads? There are a number of ways you can nurture lead generation with your company giveaways before, during and after the big day.

3d glasses with logo

It all comes down to entering your next event with a smart strategy. As successful as it may be, handing out expensive freebies to everyone who passes your booth just isn’t an effective use of your marketing budget. You can prepare for the event by identifying your ideal customer, developing a plan for engaging top prospects and creating fun promotions for highly desirable gifts.

  • Use a Tiered Approach — Depending on the size of the conference, you could have the opportunity to market your company to literally thousands of leads. Creating a tiered approach with your conference giveaways is a great way to maximize ROI. Buy large quantities of inexpensive giveaways to hand out to everyone who passes through your booth and then offer more premium gifts for more promising leads.
  • Create a Promotional Drawing — Everyone loves free stuff, but you can’t give premium products away to everyone. Ask all of your conference attendees to enter their business card or contact information into a jar for a promotional drawing at the end of the day, but make sure it’s something people actually want. Whether it’s a branded product typically reserved for your best clients or the latest tech gadget, you’ll rake in enough leads to justify the expense.
  • Offer Freebies as Incentives — The most challenging part about an effective lead gen plan is getting in touch with potential customers. Rather than handing out swag bags to everyone who passes by, ask attendees to sign up for your e-mail list or engage on social media for a free gift. The fact of the matter is, people are more likely to act when they have an incentive.
  • Engage with Attendees — Using your buyer personas can seriously go a long way in the world of industry conferences. Prepare beforehand by developing a list of target leads who you want to engage. That might mean investors, fellow businesses or individuals. If you’re on a strict swag budget and need to maximize your giveaways, make sure that you only hand out promotional products (and your business card, of course) to people who match your ideal persona.
  • Follow-Up with Swag — Don’t let your lead gen game slip after the conference has ended. Instead, mine your list of contacts and send the most valuable prospects a personalized note with some cool swag reserved just for the MVP’s. The outbound approach to promotional products is a two-for-one deal. On one hand, it helps you connect with solid leads who were probably courted by competitors vying for their attention; on the other, it makes them feel appreciated and remembered, which will help create a long-term bond to your brand.

For your next event, try pairing a well-executed lead generation plan with some noteworthy trade show promotions. It will increase your brand visibility and make a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.

April 25, 2018


From Tote Bags to Tablets: The Evolution of Swag

You don’t need to be in sales to know that people love free stuff. It’s just one of the reasons promotional products remain an effective marketing strategy in our digital world.

Despite the resilience of the promotional products industry, it isn’t impervious to change. New technologies, trends and changes in consumer behavior have significantly influenced the world of swag over the years.

To keep up with the latest trends, it’s important to look back at the evolution of swag. By peeking into the past, you can begin to spot patterns and get a better grasp on where the promotional products industry is headed.

From tote bags to tablets, here is a closer look at how branded merchandise has evolved and what we can learn from these changes:

1886 – An Industry is Born

tote bag

The promotional products industry as we know it today is believed to have started in Coshocton, Ohio in 1886. Jasper Freemont Meek, editor of the Coshocton Age, wanted to keep his printing press and workforce busy in between newspaper issues, and he approached his friend, the owner of Cantwell Shoes, with a fortuitous idea.

It is said that when Meek saw a child drop his school books into the mud, he came up with the idea to use his press to print company advertisements on burlap bags and sell them to merchants. During his inaugural run, he printed “Buy Cantwell Shoes” on the bags and handed them out to every child who entered his store.

The children carried them as book bags, and the Cantwell Shoes message was seen all over town. Shortly after, other newspaper owners began to take notice of Meek’s idea and followed suit. Thus, Meek became known as the father of promotional products.

Takeaway:  Meek’s clever idea worked because he solved a common problem with his promotional items. This still holds true today — for advertisers to get the best ROI, their branded swag must be relevant, useful and unique.

1890s – A Savvy Entrepreneur and His Branded Corkscrews

Adolphus Busch, the German-born co-founder of the Anheuser-Busch Brewing Association in St. Louis, Missouri, was another early innovator of promotional products. Busch was an adept salesman who believed generating buzz about his beer was the key to its success.

He was right. When the entrepreneur sold Busch products to tavern owners, he also gave them branded corkscrews use in their establishments or to give to bar patrons. Although this branded item wasn’t the sole reason for the enormous success of the brewing company, it did play a role in the expansion of Busch’s customer base.

Takeaway:  Busch wasn’t worried about the cost of giving away corkscrews because he knew that he would receive something far more valuable — brand awareness. His branded corkscrews paid for themselves a thousand times over because he chose the right promotional product for his audience.

1930s – 1980s The Birth of Stress Relievers

Many Americans did not have extra money to spend on advertisements and promotions in the early 1900s. Still, they say that necessity is the mother of innovation — and World Wars I and II spurred plenty of creativity and innovation. In 1937, during the Second World War, researchers developed a substitute for rubber called polyurethane, a foam-like substance that would be used in modern-day stress balls.

Alex Carswell is credited with creating the modern stress ball in 1988. This couldn’t have come at a better time, considering how research on anxiety was prolific during the 1980s. It’s no surprise that marketers decided to use the stress ball as a promotional product.

Takeaway:  Timeliness is critical in any promotional products strategy. The 1980s was the decade when anxiety disorders became recognized by the American Psychiatric Association, thus, making stress balls a welcome product — branded or not.

Our anxiety has continued to grow each year. It’s not surprising that branded fidget spinners became so popular in 2017!

1990s - 2000s Wristbands, Mousepads, Apparel


The 1990s was a good era for the promotional products industry. The economic boom in the ‘90s gave advertisers larger budgets, allowing them to spend more on items such as branded apparel and computer-related items.

With advances in internet technology and the increased use of home computers, advertisers began branding mouse pads and modern desk accessories. These early tech items were the beginning of the hottest category in the promotional products industry today.

Another popular promotional item was the wristband, made popular in 2004 by Lance Armstrong’s iconic “Live Strong” wristband. A major symbol of cancer awareness, the promotional wristband fell in popularity after Armstrong’s doping scandal in 2012.

Takeaway:  We can finally see an inkling of what’s to come during the 1990s. During this time, advertisers were just beginning to become more sophisticated with both their promotional items and their targeting methods.

With the internet giving consumers more choices, advertisers began performing market research to create more targeted promotions and marketing campaigns. By focusing their promotions on specific groups, advertisers realized that they could achieve a far better return-on-investment than their one-size-fits-all marketing approach.

2010 – 2018 The Digital Age and Domination of Tech

USB cable

Finally, we reach the current age of branded swag. It’s safe to say that we have come a long way from branded burlap sacks.

However, it should be noted that tote bags are still one of the most popular promotional items used today. The only difference is that these tote bags are designed to align with a brand’s audience, and they are eco-friendly, reusable — and most importantly, filled with trendy branded swag.

Technology is one of the hottest categories for branded swag and giveaways. Wearable technology, tablet cases, USB hubs and other branded tech items now present companies with powerful branding opportunities.

Takeaway:  Social media, smartphones and other digital technologies have enabled brands to reach consumers at the right time and place. These days, giving away swag without a real strategy is an unnecessary waste of a promotional budget.

With so much data at our fingertips, we no longer need to guess when it comes to our target audience. Now, our promotional products can become more personalized, allowing us to form better connections to our customers.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, branded swag has grown increasingly sophisticated over the years. However, the promotional items mentioned here were huge successes in their time because they all provided the user with value.

To get the best return-on-investment, your company swag must not only align with your marketing objectives, but it must also meet your audience’s needs. With unique and useful swag items, you can meet your marketing goals and tell an amazing brand story everywhere you go.

April 13, 2018


Survey Says: Our Clients Share 3.5 Giveaway Ideas for Trade Shows


A successful giveaway for your next trade show isn’t necessarily a branded promotional item but it could be. We had to say that, right?

We have giveaway ideas gathered from the best source: our clients. Our clients are big and small and in the trade show trenches month in and month out. Some have ‘help’-- a marketing team or an agency. Some companies have a person in marketing who gets help from other company executives. Either way, here’s what our clients have to say.

  1. Trade Show Sweepstakes Get a name and email to enter clients or prospects in a drawing. Cash. One of our clients says at least 4 digits--ha!  “If it’s not at least $1000, don’t bother” she says. Another client says they split it up and do $300 per day.

  1. Grand prize giveaway. One of our clients had a drawing for the Amazon Echo at their booth. There were those who didn’t know about ‘Alexa’, but conversation was opened to engage prospects and keep them in their booth longer.

Best advice: know what might tempt your audience.

Another client told us their biggest success was giving away a long weekend at a coveted bed and breakfast within a two hour drive of their company headquarters. In that same vein, another customer gave a spa weekend at a mountain retreat. He said prospects were lined up to enter the drawing. And that’s what they wanted: a full house!

  1. Branded merchandise. You knew this was coming, right? This is not swag that is recommended to give to everyone stopping by your booth. Our clients recommend this type of nicer swag as a ‘trade’ type gift: prospect sets up an appointment, or watches a video, or does an account review with reps. That triggers gifting a nicer swag item.  

We received responses from 50 clients and compiled their recommendations for this category of swag gifts at trade shows:


Power Banks/ Mobile Chargers

Tote Bags/Backpacks

Leakproof Travel Beverage Tumblers   

TShirts/Polos/Jackets: our clients agree with us--this is a tough one due to sizing challenges, but can be very effective depending on your target market. TIP: choose a quality t-shirt but really nail the graphics. (Hint: Your logo printed left chest isn’t likely to be a big draw, well, unless you’re Tesla or SpaceX!)


3.5 Budget Friendly Booth Giveaways One of our clients suggests that for the less expensive giveaways in your booth, to do something different every quarter. If you give out custom mints in 1st quarter, go with gum in 2nd quarter, promo hand sanitizer in 3rd quarter and customized lip balm in 4th quarter. Why?

You will not please everyone with your choice of tchotskes -- not your marketing team, corporate staff, prospects or even clients stopping by the booth. By having something new each time, you have the best opportunity to appeal to a wider audience.

One of our financial clients has the opposite advice: they say find something you’re known for and stick to it. They give out customized mints at every trade show.

Two of our client’s recent success stories for tradeshow giveaways both centered around security items. Their businesses were perfect for this type of tech giveaway.

One chose an inexpensive web camera cover. Hey, if tape worked for Marc Zuckerberg, these were a definite step up.

The other chose a cool tech giveaway, a data blocker. Both have reordered based on the wonderful response they received to these cool tech giveaways. When the crowd approves….

What's the best advice our clients have? And the answers are:




April 05, 2018


The Future of Company Swag: How Today’s Technology is Shaping Promotional Products

The Future of Company Swag

In a world dominated by digital technology, it’s not uncommon for companies to doubt the value of promotional products. With digital advertising and social media allowing us to reach consumers, is company swag still relevant? In short, the answer is, without a doubt, yes!

According to the latest statistics reports, many consumers surveyed had received a promotional product in the last six months. We know that company swag is still relevant. However, this isn’t to say that promotional products haven’t been changed by the rapid rise in technology.

To get the best return-on-investment from your company swag, it’s important to understand how technology is shaping our promotional products and strategies today and where this industry is headed.  

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

technology at meeting

The Technology Explosion

To best explain how technology has changed the promotional products industry, we first need to discuss which technologies have had the most significant impact on our lives.

Most notably, the mainstream adoption of personal computers and mobile devices in the 1990s was the start of a new era. Consumers were suddenly connected in new ways and could access information right at their fingertips.

Since then, technology has evolved at a fast pace, making it difficult for business owners to keep up with new changes.  Here is a quick look at the tech that has had the biggest impact on shaping consumer behavior in recent years.

Mobile Devices

woman on phone

Mobile devices have dramatically influenced consumer behavior. Smartphones became mainstream around 2010 and immediately changed the business world.

Consumers were suddenly able to effortlessly access information while they shopped, allowing them to make informed purchasing decisions. Even so, it wasn’t until 2014 that most marketers wised up and realized the importance of catering to mobile users.

According to Pew Internet research, 77 percent of Americans own smartphones. This is up from 35 percent in their 2011 study. Knowledge is power, and thanks to mobile devices, consumers now hold all the power.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is no longer a work of science fiction. This innovative technology is becoming more mainstream each day, and some reports predict that VR could soon become just as popular as smartphones.

Augmented reality (AR), where users experience an enhanced version of reality, is also making its way into our day-to-day lives. Doctors are using AR to look inside the human body and make better diagnoses, while retail brands such as L’Oreal are leveraging augmented reality to enhance their customer’s online shopping experience.

VR and AR have made their way into the swag world as well. It’s not uncommon to see trade show displays using augmented reality to market their products, while some brands are putting their logo on virtual reality headsets to get in on the action.

student with laptop and phone

Social Media

No one can argue that social media hasn’t influenced consumer buying behavior. It didn’t take long for businesses to realize the importance of connecting with consumers on their favorite social networks, and now any business worth its salt has an established social presence.

Additionally, social platforms like Facebook and Instagram have evolved into powerful advertising networks, offering marketers more ways to reach consumers and influence their buying decisions. Advertisers can use ads to promote their products or events, build brand recognition and drive sales for their online stores.

What does this mean for marketers quote

What This Means for Marketers

Now on to the big question: What do these technologies mean for marketers and their promotional strategies?

In short, it means adapt or lose out on significant revenue and growth opportunities. Here is a closer look at how technology is shaping the way marketers use promotional products.

Understanding Your Target Market is Now Essential

In an age of sophisticated technology, consumers have come to expect more from brands. They now want personalized experiences with every interaction.

To meet their elevated expectations, you must understand your audience on a deeper level. What problems does your ideal customer face? What are their interests?  

This information is vital when it comes to choosing the right promotional products for your company. For example, if your target market cares deeply about the environment, eco-friendly promotional products are more likely to give you a good return-on-investment than standard promo items.

Be Prepared to Impress at Tech Trade Shows

Tech trade shows can greatly expand your business and reach, but only if you are ready to impress tech-savvy consumers. Lackluster display tables and boring swag will do more harm than good to your company’s reputation and sales.

Those attending tech trade shows have high expectations. They will pass right by booths trying to hand out boring t-shirts and water bottles.

Give attendees what they want and make a lasting impact on them with cool tech giveaways and gadgets. Power banks, chargers, and other cool tech items with your company logo on them are all the rage today and more budget-friendly than you might think.

Equal Opportunities to Promote and Market Products

On a positive note, the tech explosion has leveled the playing field for smaller brands in many ways.

Take social media, for example. Sure, large brands may have more reach when it comes to promoting events, but it has helped smaller companies do what they do best: connect on a personal level with audiences.

facebook live tradeshow video

Today, employees can start a live video on Facebook while at a trade show or conference, giving their Facebook audience a real-time glimpse into what’s happening. Hosting a social media contest that uses company swag as prizes is now an effective way for small businesses to generate leads and gain new followers.

While there may be hurdles for marketers in this new era of technology, it has also provided many opportunities. By keeping your pulse on the latest technologies and trends, you can take advantage of each opportunity to connect with your audience on a more personal level.

Smaller Tech Means Less Advertising Space

As our technology becomes smaller and smaller, marketers are working with less real estate to advertise their brand. Already, we see numerous business owners cramming their information onto tiny promotional products.

This doesn’t look good and reflects poorly on your brand. If the purpose of your company swag is to promote your brand, don’t you think consumers should be able to read the text or identify the logo?  

This will only become more challenging as our technology grows over time. To combat this problem, marketers need to carefully consider the recipients of their promotional products and avoid cramming unnecessary information onto smaller items.

For instance, a corporate gift for a special client isn’t going to need your address — they already do business with you and know where you’re located. On the other hand, new prospects might need that information because they aren’t as familiar with your brand.

Looking Ahead:  The Future of Promotional Products

man with vr head set

Technology has significantly changed the game for marketers in recent years, and it isn’t slowing down. We may not be able to predict the future, but we can look ahead, and surmise based on current trends in the promotional products industry.

Tech-related Promo Items Will Continue to Dominate

Unsurprisingly, technology-related promotional products will no longer be optional for brands. Generation Z grew up around technology and is certain to pass by brands that aren’t at the forefront of innovative tech.

Virtual and Augmented Reality Will Become Common at Trade Shows

Our marketing messages are no longer as effective as they once were, and things are getting challenging for advertisers. In the future, trade show attendees will need to be dazzled by enhanced experiences and AR-based product demonstrations.

Emphasis on High-Value Products to Attract New Leads

This one is already true to a degree. Those cheap keychains simply aren’t enough to attract high-quality leads for your brand.

Technology improving infographic

As technology continues to improve and consumer expectations rise, low-quality items won’t result in a single glance for your business. Instead, consumers will expect your brand to deliver high-value items that check off the following boxes:

  • solves their problem
  • aligns with their values
  • high-quality and made to last

If you can check off all three boxes now, you’re already on the right track. And for those who are automatically cinching their purse strings, rest assured that high-value doesn’t necessarily mean expensive!

Hot (and Affordable) Tech Items for Your Company Swag

digital watches

To survive and thrive in today’s digital world, you need to step up your company swag game. We’ve mentioned power banks and chargers as examples of cool tech giveaways, but your options are virtually unlimited when it comes to high-tech promo items.

No matter what your budget, these promotional products are bound to be a hit with recipients:


Who needs a selfie stick when you have the multi-purpose custom PopSocket? These small contraptions allow users to grip their phones better at difficult angles and act as a stand as well.

As many marketers know, cell phones are prime real estate for advertising. These days, no one goes anywhere without a smartphone, making PopSockets a smart choice for any brand.


Wireless tech such as Bluetooth speakers, earbuds and keyboards are becoming the norm. Make them part of your marketing arsenal and get ahead of this trend while you can!

Bluetooth speakers or a Bluetooth mouse with your company logo make excellent gifts for new hires or special client gifts. For home or for work, Bluetooth items are practically guaranteed to be used daily.

Key Finders

Everyone knows someone who is always misplacing things. Branded key finders are a lifesaver for many of us who struggle to find our keys as we scramble to get out the door!  

Opt for a Bluetooth branded key finder and use them as corporate gifts. This solves a common problem for people, which makes it a popular promotional product.

Cyber Security

Cyber security has become a big concern in the 21st century. Webcam covers, credit card protectors and secure USB hubs offer exactly what tech-savvy individuals want — security.

These promotional items fit into a variety of budgets and are perfect for trade show giveaways.

Tech Gift Set

Need a good corporate gift? The Mobile Powered Branded Gift Set includes a Juicebox Mobile Charger, a Rapid Charge Car Charger and a Self Wrap MFI Certified Charging Cable  — perfect for impressing business partners and special clients.

Remember: Not All Tech Promo Products are Equal!

We want to stress how important it is to choose the right tech-related promotional products for your brand. Not all tech promo items are created equal.

For example, let’s say that you want to order phone chargers for your tech giveaway. You could waste your budget on phone chargers that won’t fully charge the latest iPhone.

Or you could talk with us and make sure that you choose a phone charge with enough mAh to power your audience’s devices. Don’t set your audience up for disappointment with poor quality promo items.

USBs on laptop


If your company uses promotional items, you probably know how big of an impact they can have on your marketing efforts. To reap the full benefits of company swag, it’s critical that your company adapts to changing technologies, trends and consumer preferences.

By keeping your pulse on trendy tech products and their impact on promotional products, you can make smarter branding choices that achieve your marketing goals.

If you need additional assistance choosing tech promotional products for your brand, contact us!  We will always tell you the truth about which branded products will best suit your specific brand message and get you the best bang for your buck.

April 02, 2018


7 Easy Ways to Cut Down on the Trash You Generate: Earth Day

According to the Earth Day website, more than a billion people from all over the world, join together to celebrate Earth Day, the largest secular observance in the world. By making a conscious effort to make small changes, we can have a profound impact on air and water pollution, deterioration of the environment, and extinction of wildlife.

PROMOrx is always looking for ways to be more environmentally conscious, including finding eco-friendly products (like this recycled journal and pen set) for our clients and suggesting reusable water bottles. These are a couple simple but impactful ways that we can all use to preserve "Mother Earth."

We think Alexandra is right on target with the infographic she generously allowed us to use here on our blog: if all of us do little things consistently, it will make a difference.

CREDIT: Alexandra Case, a senior Advertising student at the University of Georgia (UGA), designed this wonderful infographic. Alexandra will graduate in May 2018. 


March 26, 2018


Unique Corporate Gifts for Valued Business Partners

business meeting

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Evan Williams and Biz Stone — these are just a few famous business partnerships that managed to change the world. Sometimes, business success can boil down to forging a relationship with the right professional.

Unfortunately, good business partnerships can be difficult to find — and to maintain. Whether you want to nurture a new relationship or thank an existing business partner, a unique gift is a great way to show your appreciation.

Need some unique corporate gift ideas for your valued business partners? Here are a few ideas that will express your gratitude and make a lasting impression.

Aluminum Bluetooth Speaker

If you don’t know much about your business partner, a Bluetooth speaker is always a safe bet. This trendy tech gift is super portable, useful and perfect for professionals who are always traveling.

When it comes to corporate gifts, quality matters. To impress your business partner, choose a Bluetooth speaker that has a decent range, a built-in microphone and allows the recipient to take calls. These aluminum Bluetooth speakers engraved with your logo will look stylish at home or at work.

Wine Lovers Gift Set

Does one of your business partners have a fondness for wine? Consider getting them this Wine Lovers Gift Set, which includes an insulated wine cooler and stainless-steel corkscrew.

The wine cooler can hold six cans or two bottles. This set doesn’t come with wine, but this is probably a good thing if your business partner is picky when it comes to their vino. 

Of course, you can always add some wine to the gift and have your logo etched on the bottle to give it some flair.

luxury product

Barbeque Grill Set

Does your business partner love any excuse to fire up the grill? Delight them with a custom grill gift set and you will never be forgotten.

Every time they whip out their spatula and brush, they’ll remember your generosity. In fact, your business partner may not be the only one to notice this fine set.

Friends and family are just as likely to make note of your partner’s new gift set. With so many people admiring your gift, you’ll want to stick your company logo on something that is high-quality.

Laptop Bags Worthy of Executives

If your partner often takes business trips, stylish branded laptop bags and accessories are always an appreciated gesture. Tuck a genuine leather tablet portfolio inside the bag, and your partner will enjoy it for years to come.


Power Bank with Built In Cables

From smartphones to laptops and tablets, most of us have lots of devices that need charging. In fact, the typical digital consumer owns 3.64 connected devices.

It’s safe to say that your business partner will get plenty of mileage out of a custom power bank. But to make the right impression, it is vital that the power bank has built in cables to charge devices quickly, no matter what circumstances life throws your way.

With a 5,000 mAH lithium ion battery and the convenience of built in cables, this power bank is guaranteed to keep your business partner charged and connected on-the-go.

Final Thoughts

The best gifts for business partners are unique, memorable and meaningful. No C-level executive is going to be impressed with an average corporate gift.

If you need help finding unique gifts that really represent your brand, contact us! We have the ideal promotional items for any business and any partnership. We are happy to help you make the right impression with your business partners.