Corporate Gifts

Curating the top client, customer, business associates, and employee onboarding gifts 

Picking out great corporate gifts for your customers, employees, and business associates is an art form.

A great corporate gift is creative, thoughtful and offers either entertainment or utilitarian value.

Here are some of our top gift-buying tips:

  • You get what you pay for. Remember to check images, product dimensions, and mock-ups before you buy.
  • Plan ahead especially if you are buying gifts in the 1st and 4th quarters. 
  • Don’t forget about the presentation. This can add perceived value. Ex: A journal in a plastic sleeve is ok, but a journal in a gift box scores presentation points.
  • If you're giving tech gifts, make sure it will work for those who get it. Ex: Don’t get a wireless charger for someone who has an older smartphone that doesn’t support wireless charging.
  • If you are buying food and beverage gifts, find out if your recipients have any allergies and special dietary requirements. Ex: You don’t want to send specialty peanut brittle to a new employee with a severe peanut allergy or a bottle of wine to a client who is a recovering alcoholic.