Promotional Swag & Conference Giveaways

Curating top promotional swag for virtual conferences or tradeshow giveaways.

When you are surrounded by other trade show booths, how do you get your company to stand out from the crowd?

There are four proven ways to get lots of attention. 

  • 1. Models
  • 2. Bring lots of cuddly animals 
  • 3. Free booze 
  • 4. Cool swag

While the first three items might get you kicked out of the conference or trade show (if you don’t get proper approval first), promotional swag can be a great way to build brand awareness anywhere. (Not to mention, it costs a lot less than giving out free drinks to everyone at the conference. 😉)

However, way too much conference swag winds up in the garbage can - oftentimes within minutes of receiving it.  If you want to keep your swag out of the bin, it needs to be high quality and something people will use long after the event is over.

With virtual events and conferences, swag will mostly be shipped. How do you address that? Consider promotional products that are small and could easily be shipped. Or look at doing a promotional swag box that would only be sent to select attendees -- perhaps those who enrolled early for instance. Or maybe send after the virtual conference as a follow-up or thank you. 

Perhaps a single promotional product like a journal or notebook would make sense for your virtual event swag. We're here to help you! Just ask!

One of our clients had a virtual conference swag pickup in their city. All the attendees were in their metro area. They had swag shipped to their office and set up a pick-up point (think drive-in window at a bank!) so virtual conference attendees, were able to easily get their swag. They told us EVERYONE showed up to pick up their swag! (Cabin fever is real!)

Over here at PROMOrx, we’ve curated the top promotional swag giveaway items from meeting tote bags, reusable straws, and journals and notebooks, to useful data blockers, screen cleaners and power banks. When it comes to promotional items, we're on top of trends, always on the lookout for what's new and what works.