Custom Branded Journals | Custom Notebooks

custom journalWhat features say custom printed journals to you? The PROMOrx team, as well as most of our factories, consider a journal one that is book-bound, like a classic Moleskine journal.

ring bound notebooks take many of us back to school as the notebooks are wire bound (or occasionally, less expensive journals are plastic bound.) So, we call these notebooks, not journals.

Custom notebooks are preferred by many for note taking as they easily lay flat. There are  journal books that are designed to lay flat as well. Many prefer a branded journal because many offer some sort of closure. Either way, when custom printed with your company, school or event logo, or a clever quote, you know a customized journal or notebook is a useful giveaway.

Many companies utilize branded journals for employee on-boarding packages, new hires or for note taking at a company training or business meeting. Got a virtual meeting or conference? Your team and attendees will appreciate notebooks/journals for keeping their thoughts together!

Consider a customized journal branded with a motivational or funny saying instead of your company logo or in addition to your company logo.

Printed journals are the perfect and thoughtful, self-care type gift. There are so many articles about the power of journaling. This makes custom printed (or embossed!) journals a great gift for staff or clients when paired with a pen in a gift box. Don't miss a great opportunity for useful swag! And score presentation points when selecting a branded journal set that comes with on trend packaging. 

There are paper back journals (we don't know what else to call these!) that can be printed in full color, front, back and even on the edges! Let's talk about making an impact. These would be perfect for printing with clever or uplifting quotes and maybe branding with your logo in there, too!

Refillable notebooks and journals make a lot of sense for our environment and are happily trending currently. These refillable journals are still custom printed (or debossed) but easy to refill with stock pads available at most office supply stores or of course, on line at Amazon! Custom notebooks that are refillable can be used over and over.

If you want your business to stand out, give your customers a beautiful branded journal they will want to use everyday. Your logo or message will be seen over and over again. Whether you are imprinting your notebook with an existing logo or making an artwork design, PROMOrx offers you a fantastic opportunity to reach your customers (or employees).

Whatever you call them, a journal or a notebook, decide which is best for your school or business. Add your choice to your company swag stash today. With branded journals so affordable, you'll want to stock up on all your school's or company's messaging needs. Whether it's at an expo, trade show or virtual conference, your team can easily hand out these custom notebooks.

From custom debossed leather journals, to the latest eco friendly, refillable journals, the PROMOrx team is standing by to help you find the best journals that work for your team or event. 

Whether you're looking for a gift for a colleague, or confidence-boosting blank journals for your employees, we can help. Including your logo or a specific message on custom notebooks delivers an important message that your brand is recognized and your message is acknowledged. High quality goods that are aligned with your brand are key in any market!