Branded Laptop Bags and Accessories

When packing your phone, laptop, and/or tablets, organization is key. There are always too many wires, cables, and other device accessories. Keep it all in one place with custom laptop cases and custom phone cases that has as many (or as few) storage features as you want.

Choose from an array of styles that enable your company logo to stand out when you, your customers, or your employees walk through the airport, train station, or city streets.

For optimal marketing alignment, select a case/bag material that suits the style of your business:

  • Lightweight, soft neoprene offers a sporty look and feel.
  • Embossed leather cases and bags look professional and expensive (even when they’re affordable!)
  • Polycarbonate is durable, and sleek
  • Hard plastic offers solid protection, an easy to clean surface and a glossy finish
  • Or choose from many other materials, all chosen by PROMOrx for their superior quality