Eco Friendly Reusable/Recyclable Promotional Products

Eco friendly promotional products are a great way to spread the word about your company’s philanthropy, commitment to green initiatives and dedication to living in harmony with the environment.

The versatility of eco friendly promotional products that are reusable and sometimes recyclable, is truly endless and there are many different styles and uses that can really appeal to a wide range of people.

Promotional eco friendly items like reusable/recyclable insulated lunch bags, personalized water bottles, BPA free water bottles and organic cotton totes all come with their own unique benefits, but also serve as a way for a business to get recognized for its contribution to a healthier and happier planet! 

A few reasons to put your logo on green promotional  items that are reusable/recyclable, if being committed to the environment isn’t reason enough:

  • Bring reusable/recyclable tote bags to grocery stores like Whole Foods & Trader Joe’s
    get fuel points or a discount on the bill.
  • Eco friendly lunch bags save money! Don’t keep buying brown paper bags.
  • Buy water bottles once and use over & over. No Costco trips to stock up on disposable bottles of water!