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Power banks are an essential promotional item for your marketing swag catalog. These personalized power banks with your logo will be used to charge smartphones and tablets. They make a wonderful client gift or are perfect to add to a new employee welcome aboard package. 

Stay in charge of your branded swag by adding a custom power bank to your event giveaway line-up or client thank you gift list.

Promotional power banks can be customized with your company logo for a power-filled
(see what we did there?!) solution to your marketing swag needs.  

 With a custom portable phone charger, your clients, prospects, and employees won’t have to worry
about the dreaded 0% battery on their iPhone or other smartphone.

By handing out a promotional power bank or charger, you’ll basically be a super hero saving the day. With your custom logo, a promotional power bank ensures your brand stays around for a long time. 

Custom power banks are perfect to increase your logo’s visibility while making a functional gift. When you need to charge cell phones and tablets, you want one handy. A power bank can be customized with your brand’s logo. Not only are promotional power banks useful, but they’re always one of the most opted for gifts at trade shows and networking events.

A branded power bank is a branding opportunity you can’t beat! Portable chargers, when purchased with the right features, are welcome promotional products.

Every day that your company swag sits in storage, you're losing out on exposure. If you hand out a power bank as part of a virtual event swag bag or add a thank-you gift card, you'll get instant exposure. And because power banks have two uses—keeping your phone charged and making your brand visible—it's an added value giveaway that's sure to be put to use every day. 

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