Promotional Screen Cleaners

Because everyone has electronic gadgets, promotional screen cleaners are a simple, affordable,
and effective giveaway that can be used during marketing promotion events, trade shows
or as part of providing your team with company swag.

A custom screen cleaner slips easily into a swag bag chock-full of tech giveaways.
This is a promotional product that clients, employees and prospects will use.

PROMOrx offers a selection of promotional screen cleaners that can be used to clean a cell phone,
eyeglass lenses, sunglasses, iPads and other tablets as well as other small touch screen devices. 

Most screen cleaners are microfiber cloth, ready for cleaning and easily cleaned as well.
One client told us she washed the screen cleaners in the sink with hand soap and draped over her office desk light to dry.

Pro tips: Make sure your custom logo is printed on the promotional screen cleaner vs. just the packaging.
Your brand will stick around a lot longer because we all know the packaging is easily lost and/or thrown away.
Screen cleaners are perfect for cleaning reading glasses or sunglasses making them a universal option.

No one wants their brand to be disposable!