Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

has become a popular buzzword as people become more conscious of green living & resource conservation. Show your business or organization's commitment to a sustainable lifestyle by proudly putting your company’s stamp on promotional products that are made with recycled materials, reusable, recyclable or made from sustainable materials like bamboo and cork. 

The eco friendly category of giveaways and promotional items is ideal for businesses, organizations, events or schools especially those with LEED certificationhealth promotion, fitness, or health food interests.                                                  

Budget-friendly green promotional products show your business is committed to being environmentally responsible:
○ Recycled grocery bags, sandwich bags and notebooks for those on the go!
○ Reusable/recyclable lunch totes and water bottles, for anyone living an active lifestyle.
○ Earth Day/Arbor Day-friendly flower planting kits, natural cork coasters and sport bottles encourage clients & customers to get outside.
○ Sustainably-made  coasters and usb flash drives are reminders to use renewable resources and go green.

Choose easy, choose affordable, and choose eco-friendly -- cool eco giveaways are responsible marketing tools for your business!