Corporate Umbrellas | Custom Umbrellas with Logo

What better way to get your brand noticed than with a corporate umbrella? With a large imprint, your message or logo will be hard to miss!

Stop and think about it, do you remember the last time you went to an outdoor event without an umbrella? Look in the back seat, we bet there's one in your car!

Corporate umbrellas are thoughtful gifts for employees or clients that help promote your business or school. Rainy days never have to be a bad time with a custom umbrella handy featuring your logo. And don't forget about using umbrellas as sun protection! 

Custom umbrellas with your logo range from personal, or one person umbrellas, to a golf umbrella for a crowd of 4 people on average. Lots of our clients prefer folding umbrellas with their logo for everyday carry, rain or shine. And don't forget umbrellas with the auto open feature!

Many umbrellas, especially golf umbrellas offer venting to keep you from turning into Mary Poppins. Another umbrella, the inverted or inside out umbrellas are the hot new options in the category. If you've ever run from the rain to your car and jumped in trying to get your umbrella in the car, you know what we mean. You get a second shower you didn't intend for the day. 

Committed to sustainability? Select from our range of eco-friendly umbrellas made from recycled materials, with bamboo handles to demonstrate your brand's dedication to the environment.

If you're looking for brand awareness, custom umbrellas are hard to beat. Have you ever watched a golf tournament when it was raining? And all those logo umbrellas open? That's what we mean by brand awareness. 

When weather conditions indicate a chance of rain, everyone will be reaching for their favorite umbrellas. And what better way is there to stay dry than with a promotional umbrella with your corporate or school logo?! Not only will customers or staff be happy and grateful to have an umbrella during a downpour, but they'll remember who provided them with much needed protection from the rain shower!