Tech Giveaways | Technology Giveaways

Capture attention with your company logo on our promotional technology giveaways. Make a big impression at your next trade show or virtual event with an assortment of premium tech giveaways that are always useful and ready to promote your brand.

From custom power banks and branded bluetooth speakers, webcam covers to data blockers, we've got the entire technology category covered. And we'll help you choose tech items wisely based on your budget and logo. Not sure which power bank to choose? Ask us. We're here to help! We keep up with the latest tech trends so we can share the best tech options, like the perfect power bank, for your marketing budget. 

Need tech savvy ideas for giveaways that are ideal for startup companies, schools and universities, or growing businesses? These technology giveaways are useful and practical, and who can't use extra power banks? 

Into cybersecurity? And who isn't, these days! We've had the USB data blockers for years. They've been very popular with cybersecurity experts who have tested them and know they work. Simple devices with a big payoff when it comes to keeping your data safe.

Whether you're looking for promotional Bluetooth speakers, a custom USB drive, accessories for a mobile phone, the latest power bank or promotional stylus pens - your brand has the opportunity to make an impression with these lasting gifts.

Use these branded tech accessories to spread your message of gratitude, or to reward valuable customers and employees. It's a win-win, no matter how you utilize these promotional items: you can thank your clients or effectively promote employee goodwill. 

Let the PROMOrx team specialists help you with your branded tech needs!