Custom USB Flash Drives

 Custom USB flash drives continue to be a promotional winner for our clients. In fact, the global market for USB flash drives is expected to exceed over half a BILLION by 2020. That’s a pretty thriving market for the trusty flash drive!

What’s the draw to these flash drives? Transferring data? Check. Branding? Check. A custom USB  affords clients a branding opportunity while combining privacy and security that can’t be found in the Cloud.

Custom flash drives also save paper, and make it easier to share your catalog or other sales info with clients and prospects at trade shows and company meetings.

Custom USB drives come in an assortment of colors, shapes, and sizes, as well as storage capacity choices, making USB's a versatile promotional giveaway that your customers and employees will appreciate.

Click here for the colorful USB flash drive that looks like a credit card. So cool!

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