How long will it take for my order to arrive?  The answer is--it depends. The items on our website ship from different factories across the country. Production time + shipping method determines when an order is delivered to you. Best advice? Call us BEFORE ordering if you have an event date. We're great at 'pulling rabbits out of hats" but we are limited due to inventory availability, extended production times and UPS/FedEx delays. Welcome to C19 times. 

Are my orders guaranteed to arrive by a specific date? UPS and FedEx truly don't guarantee delivery (read all the fine print on their sites to see what we mean) and we don't either. Here's a question--let's say you invoke the UPS/FedEx 'guarantee'--what good does it do if your shipment doesn't arrive on time?  If your trade show giveaways or awards for your company event are still sitting at a terminal states away--well, you see what we mean!  Bad weather, equipment break downs -- our suggestion after 20 years in the business is to plan ahead and order early. Factor in an extra day or two for unavoidable delays. 

I'm looking for something I don't see on your website. Call us 888.553.9569 or email sales@PROMOrx.com If it's made, we'll do our best to find it for you.

Due to the nature of custom promotional items, your credit card will be charged at time of order.

Will you ship internationally? Yes and no, we will ship internationally with some special guidelines.. 

For international shipping we prefer to use your international shipping account (UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.). This way you get your negotiated discounts and taxes, fees and duties are charged directly to your account. Otherwise, you will pay substantially more for shipping since it will be charged at the normal daily rate. 

There are still a few exceptions depending on the product you are ordering, as some items have major restrictions with air travel, and further restrictions by product type and country.

Check with us before ordering to make sure your item can be shipped to you to arrive by your event date. 


What type of art file is needed to print my logo?  We need vector art files (.ai or .eps) and sometimes a pdf will work IF it was created in the correct software. Email it to us and we'll let you know if it will work. If you can't open a file, email it to us anyway--it may be the very one we need! (A jpg or png file will not work.)

What if I need to cancel after I've placed my order? After you've placed an order, it is difficult to cancel. Well, difficult to cancel without charges. In most cases, you will be charged a 10% cancellation fee. Why? After you place your order, we create a purchase order to hold the inventory. The purchase order has to be entered into the factory's system and an art approval is created. Work = $$ that we have to pay. We pass these charges on to you. 

What about returns? You are ordering products customized with your company or school logo or message. For the most part, these are not returnable. If there is a defective item, we will absolutely address. If your order arrived late, we don't control UPS, FedEx, DHL or the weather.  We always suggest ordering early and allowing extra time. 

We do ask that you open boxes upon receiving. We're human. And the factories producing your orders are filled with humans. Mistakes can happen. Just let us know fast! (Fast to us is within 7-10 days of you receiving the product.)

What is your privacy policy? We will not share or sell your email address to anyone. Period. Not family, not friends, not enemies, not to make a buck. We respect your privacy.