About Us


You know what keeps a promotional branding company like PROMOrx thriving for 17 years, even with impressive competition? Is it an extensive selection of high-quality products and reliable vendors? Sure, we have that. But what really matters comes down to three things.

  • Our team is laser focused on the details you need to grow your business.
  • We have a lot of fun with what we do.

And, oh yeah…

  • We’ve never missed a client’s event date—


It’s details like exceptional logistics planning and anticipating our customers’ needs, even before they do, that save time and money. Details matter when your company image is on the line and we know that from experience. It’s how PROMOrx was built.



But what about the people behind PROMOrx? That's me, Vickie MacFadden and my husband, Jay MacFadden. We started an executive gift basket company and then started sourcing branded promotional items for the baskets.

After selling the basket company, our next venture started out as MacFadden Promos—an online custom branding and promotions business. But people kept getting the name wrong in the online search. We knew it was the spelling because more people got it right when we added, “Remember, there are two A’s in MacFadden,” to the voicemail. To this day, regular clients still remember that message.

But remember, details matter and when our customers couldn’t find us, it was a detail we needed to address.

My sales and marketing background kicked in, and like most inspiration, a new branding idea had me jumping out of bed to change the name. MacFadden Promos became PROMOrx.

Our clients were looking for a combination of high-quality promotional products that target the right audience with the right message. PROMOrx was the ideal prescription to help them solve their problem.



While the name changed, what didn’t change was our dedication to making sure clients have the perfect product on time.

That dedication is still vital in the company today. It extends to vetting factories where we source our products. Jay’s background in manufacturing remains invaluable in the search for the popular, high-quality products we bring our clients.

Today, PROMOrx is an internet based business that provides the same attention to detail and customer service around the world. We’ll make sure you have trade show tote bags in Hawaii, genuine leather journals for those cattle-loving Texans, custom insulated water bottles for hot Florida days, printed umbrellas for the Oregon rain and cool tech gadgets for…well, everyone!

PROMOrx has the latest in cool tech giveaways like custom USB drives and more. We also carry Eco Friendly products, trade show pens, corporate iPad cases and everything in between. So if you’re looking for exceptional service, custom branding, and quality products…on time, we’re the prescription for your next promotion. Give us a call today. 888-553-9569