About Us

As our founder likes to say, buying swag isn’t rocket science.

Maybe, she says this because she’s a huge SpaceX fan and there's lots of SpaceX swag 'in the house'! (That's Jay, her hubby and biz partner, sporting the Falcon Heavy SpaceX shirt. SpaceX luggage tag also pictured.)

Or, is it because she’s been in the branded, promotional products business for 20 years and has seen A LOT. 

In that time, PROMOrx has helped tens of thousands of companies, including leading brands like American Express, Twitter, Cisco, Federal Reserve Bank, University of California, Pfizer, and Tropicana successfully find the right branded swag and promotional items. 

Finding the right swag and promotional items ultimately boils down to three things:

  • DEADLINES -  We’ve got a great record for on time deliveries — 99% with no stories or heroic efforts. The other 1% - well, let’s just say we have fabulous stories to tell at the dinner table. 

  • DETAILS -  Our team is laser focused on the details.
    A social media company ordered custom swag but didn't provide their Pantone color, nor was it embedded in the logo file they provided, despite multiple requests. Knowing the importance of brand consistency, we proactively found the color on their website of all places and completed their order to match their brand, covering the extra cost ourselves.

  • CURIOSITY  - We know the ins and outs of most every product we sell. For example, we can tell you why promotional cups and bottles like Yeti work and why it can help you buy swag or geek out on the Ultimate Guide to Tech Giveaways

    AND A BONUS ONE . . . 

  • FUN - We have a lot of fun with it -- from sourcing new promotional products, anticipating our customers’ needs and working to find the best options for our client's brand.

Our Story  

Back in the day when dial-up Internet was still the norm, Vickie MacFadden and her husband, Jay started and operated an executive gift basket company. A gift basket client ran out of swag he had ordered elsewhere. The research started to find high-quality items for their executive gifts. 

This was the seed that would lead to PROMOrx.

And, PROMOrx is still going strong today. 

Since the very beginning, our focus has been on helping your business create lasting impressions with branded swag and custom promotional items. 

With our team’s extensive background in sales, marketing, customer service, and manufacturing, we’re able to source and bring you the perfect products with an attention to the details that separate one from all the rest!