Addicted to Company Swag? Us Too! 5 Reasons We Can't Stop

May 10, 2021

Addicted to Company Swag? Us Too! 5 Reasons We Can't Stop

Who buys company swag? If your business is a startup with a shoestring budget or you’re bringing home the bacon at an enterprise level company, one of your responsibilities is: marketing. Yes, company swag is part of your to-do list.

I know it sounds all hipster to say 'marketing' and not 'advertising', but that's what it is. While there are many ways to get your company name and logo out into the world, swag is still a valid means of spreading the word about your company or product line.

Company swag is a quintessential part of marketing, but what makes it so special?

I can’t say this enough times, one of the best ways to compete is to stand out. When you give out company swag that’s what you are doing. Your customers, clients, employees and future customers will see your business as the one that is unique. (We're assuming you're making great swag choices!)

Why can't we stop giving away company swag to our customers, clients or prospects? Because we're addicted?? We have some insights!

1. Company Swag And Retail Trends


If it's popular in retail, it makes its' way into the promotional products lane. Examples include Yeti, Rocketbooks, Elemental, mophie and a host of others.

Sharing space with a recognized and loved retail brand means that swag is likely to be used for a long time. How's that for ROI?

Plus, there's that additional swagger of knowing you've selected company or school giveaways that will resonate with your target market or your team. 

2. Who Doesn't Love Gifts ?

Swag provides so many smiles, both to clients and employees. A thank you gift, a welcome aboard gift or a we want your business gift, when properly selected and executed can't be beat. 

One of our clients sent the perfect kits to customers and their staff. The kit included:  a beach towel, an insulated water bottle, coloring book journals with pencils, a journal,  assorted gourmet snacks, and a very cool beach bag. 

The custom kit was the perfect combination of personal care and carefully crafted timing. (they did a winter swag box in 4th quarter!) 

Right now, welcome back to the office boxes are hitting the mark. From personalized bamboo utensils, food storage boxes, antibacterial pens, personalized insulated bottles, there are lots of smart options to welcome your team back to the office. 

3. Swag is Fun

We know company swag can be serious sometimes, like data blockers. But swag can also be pure enjoyment. Corn hole games, coloring books for adults, and puzzles, all evoke fun.

Remember fidget spinners which were all the rage a few years ago?  And yes,  people do still order them. What about the latest pop-it craze? If you are a bubble wrap popper, this swag will make you smile!

And don't we all need a few more smiles? 

4. With Swag, It's Easier To Target Your Market 

logo merchandise

You have the perfect opportunity to know your target market and purchase your swag for marketing to them accordingly.

Useful swag earns major points with just about every demographic.  We have clients who are always looking for the latest custom insulated bottles. Other companies feel that way about branded journals.  And the latest tech gadgets are guaranteed to catch the attention of many start-up businesses. 

More ideas here What Are the Best Promotional Items to Give Away

Whatever swag category you choose for your brand, know your audience. Choose swag that emphasizes that you pay attention!

5. Swag Just Works 

-85% of people do business with a company after receiving swag from them

- a major university study showed that job turnover in companies with poor company cultures is 48.4% 

Tip: Of course, company retention and new clients, are not totally dependent on cool swag giveaways. There has to be substance to back the cool swag. Just remember, first impressions matter!

Statistics like that are hard to look over. Whether you're using swag for company marketing or for new hires, order high quality swag. Eventually, your company will be known as the one with the 'good swag.' 

Are you addicted to cool company swag? Take a look around your home or office - how much swag do you find? 

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