Corporate Swag for New Employees: Cool Gifts for New Talent

December 29, 2017

Corporate Swag for New Employees: Cool Gifts for New Talent

You already know that finding and retaining top talent is one of the toughest challenges businesses face today. In addition to guiding them through general onboarding tasks, it’s not a bad idea to surprise new employees with a welcome gift that makes them feel valued while simultaneously promoting your brand. Plus, it sets the stage for lasting company loyalty.
New employee

How important is that first impression, though? The fact of the matter is that employees are more likely to stay with a company for at least three years if they have a great onboarding experience, but only 22 percent of companies have a formal program in place.

From basic office supplies to wow-worthy swag, welcome gifts help promote the company and culture to new hires. Plus, it will show them that they are a valued addition to the team, which can set the stage for lasting fidelity.

It all comes down to finding corporate swag they’ll actually use, both in and out of the office. Plus, you can’t beat the added bonus of marketing your brand while you’re at it. PROMOrx has tons of unique branded gifts perfect for celebrating new talent. Rest assured, these aren’t your average tote bags and coffee mugs. This is high-quality and unique corporate swag that will thrill your new employees and boost their excitement to join the team.

  • Tech Gifts — If there’s one surefire way to make sure that new employees actually use your team-branded gear, it’s to choose items that make life easier. For example, you can bet your branded power banks and chargers won’t sit unused in a drawer. Another thing that you can do to elevate the onboarding experience is to offer your new employees some sharp desk swag, like custom USB hubs and USB drives.

 Gadget Cases

  • Gadget Cases — If your brand-new team members will receive company gadgets — phones, tablets and laptops, for example — make sure they’re outfitted with branded cases. Most new employees will be happy to show off the company swag on their personal devices. Encourage company loyalty with custom tablet cases and phone cases featuring your logo or company name.
  • Workday Essentials — While it’s not a bad idea to surprise new talent with things you think they’ll use outside the office, make sure to give them items that they’ll reach for throughout the workday. For example, set up their new desk with branded notebooks, planners, business card holders and other custom office swag to really make an impression on their first day in the office.

 Metal drinkware

  • Metal Drinkware —Company-branded drinkware featuring your stylish logo is something you can be sure your new hires will use every day. It’s uniquely versatile so you can tailor it to suit your business perfectly. For example, if you run a fitness-focused business, give the gift of a stainless steel water bottle or tumbler.
  • Bluetooth Speakers — These days, people can’t live without their music, and some portable speakers will delight your new hires. Custom Bluetooth speakers are perfect for pairing with your company swag, including T-shirts, hats and sunglasses. Pop them on the new employee’s desk, and be prepared for their excitement and appreciation.
  • Headphones — Like Bluetooth speakers, you can’t go anywhere without your trusty headphones. Ensure that your new hires promote your brand and spread the love wherever they go with a pair of custom headphones in a convenient carrying case or in a handy pouch that’s easy to toss in their backpack, briefcase or pocket.
  • Tote Bags — There’s no shame in loving a good promotional tote bag. These classic giveaway items are simultaneously functional and cool, making them easily one of the most versatile pieces of corporate swag out there. Plus, they are environmentally friendly, a factor that millennial employees value in a big way. They can use them for their office gear, gym clothes, groceries, and more. Provide them with a nice cotton tote and they’ll take it everywhere they go, which means more visibility for your brand. If you want to splurge on some messengers bags or backpacks, we stock some of the most stylish options on the market!

With all of these outstanding gifts ideas, you’ll have everything you need to give your new employees the warm welcome they deserve and help foster their loyalty to your company for many years to come. Don’t forget to stock up on extras to support strong hiring initiatives or surprise your entire staff for a job well done!

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