Corporate Swag & Trade Show Giveaways

Wasting time and money searching for company swag, but still not sure what brands your company in the most profitable way?

PROMOrx has your prescription. We’ll help you balance:

  • return on investment
  • your budget, and
  • your company reputation

Plus, we’ve been in business for more than 17 years and never missed an event schedule—ever.
And we won’t miss yours, either.

We know your company has a lot riding on the swag choices you make and we’re here to make sure you look good to your clients, your staff and yes,  your boss!

We’ve curated the top business swag, corporate tech gifts and trade show giveaways for 2018, including all the cool tech gadgets .

We’ll walk you through choosing the right swag for your unique brand message.

Ready to stop wasting time and money and start building your brand's reputation?


How To Be In Front of Prospects When They're Ready to Buy

March 08, 2018

Business Infographic by PROMOrx

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6 Tips for Setting a Smart Promotional Products Budget

February 27, 2018

We’ll admit that setting a promotional products budget isn’t always the most exciting thing in the world. It’s certainly not as much fun as choosing the softest t-shirt or researching the coolest tech giveaway. Even so, it’s an essential part of running a successful marketing campaign. A smart promotional budget does more than simply keep you from over- or under-spending. It acts as a detailed roadmap to achieving your marketing objectives, keeping your finances on track and putting your business on the path to success. Of course, knowing the value of having a promotional budget and actually setting one are two different things. To help move the process along, we’re going to give you our most valuable tips and strategies...

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