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Swag is NOT the Enemy: Fast Company Article the Rest of the Story

November 15, 2018

Yes, I’ve seen it. What am I referring to? This Fast Company article that addresses the promotional swag industry, cheap products, and the environment. Many PROMOrx clients (and personal friends), sent me the link asking to hear my take on the article because...well, they knew I’d have one! And while I’m always eager to share my thoughts on just about anything, I’m more interested in making readers aware of the other side. The Fast Company article laid out some very specific arguments regarding the promotional industry, and there may be truth to some of those; however, I think the old cautionary tale of “just because you read it on the Internet doesn’t make it true” comes into play here, and...

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Here’s How to Buy Green & Still Promote Your Business

November 14, 2018

Hawaii recently banned sunscreens containing harmful chemicals that pose a serious risk for the coral reefs. The bill, which will go into effect in 2021, bans the sale of sunscreens containing specific toxic chemicals in an effort to sustain the coral reefs and protect the environment. That’s great news for Hawaii, but you’re probably wondering what this has to do with your company’s promotional swag. Quite a lot, actually. We know from doing our own research (and owning a company dedicated to corporate swag!) that the future of promotional products is strong. Companies will continue to use branded items to promote their business, despite the rise in social media and other avenues of marketing. This equates to more and more...

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