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Branding and Bankruptcy In the Same Sentence?

September 05, 2018

We were in the mall in Tampa, Florida recently and saw signs announcing the closing of the Brookstone store due to their bankruptcy. My husband and I briefly discussed and moved on.  I thought nothing more about it until I opened the business email today and received this message: there’s NEW Brookstone swag available for fourth quarter holiday gift buying.   The Brookstone brand has been available in the swag space for years. Your company logo would be printed beside, above, or below the Brookstone logo depending on the item.  Yes, I know their website and airport locations are still open while they try to find another buyer. But....   What do you think about sharing YOUR brand space with the Brookstone...

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Is the Quality of Name Brand Bottles Fake News? (Part Three of Three)

June 27, 2018

To read part one of this experiment, click here. For part two, click here. In this third installment of “Is the Quality of Name Brand Bottles Fake News?” I set out to test the ability of six metal water bottles to maintain the internal temperatures of substances in varying weather conditions. I tested the ability of said bottles (three name brands and three knock-offs) to keep cold substances cold, in a hot environment; and the ability of brand names and knock offs to keep hot substances hot, in a cold environment. * From left to right: YETI®, Hydroflask®, Hydroflask® Type Bottle, S'well®, Twist Top Insulated Bottle, S'well® Type Bottle When testing the metal water bottles’ ability to maintain cooler internal temperatures, all six...

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