Wasting time and money searching through custom branding and promotional products, but still not sure what brands your company in the most profitable way?

PROMOrx has your prescription. We’ll help you balance:

  • return on investment
  • your budget, and
  • your company reputation

Plus, we’ve been in business for more than 17 years and never missed an event schedule—ever.
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PROMOrx is more than a catalog site. We know you have a lot riding on the choice you make and we’re here to make sure you look good to your clients, and maybe even your boss, too!

We’ve curated the top business swag, corporate tech gifts and trade show giveaways for 2017, including cool tech gadgets and the super popular, Eco-Friendly items, too!

We’ll walk you through choosing the right product for your unique brand message.

But we don’t stop there!

PROMOrx also has an extensive library to help you make your promotional event a success AFTER the order. Ready to stop wasting time and money and start building your reputation?


We’re Talkin’ Trash About Your Promo Products (And Why You Will, Too!)

May 22, 2017

Now you did it! You've got 'em talking trash about your promo...and we're so proud of you! Sustainable giveaways and eco-friendly promotional items are hot! Today we want to say thank you for buying responsibly by helping you develop a sizzling marketing strategy around going green. Yep, we're talking trash—more specifically, how to run a promotional campaign with a focus on recycling and sustainability. It takes some chops to stand up and be different, but the rewards, both personally and professionally, are worth it. But before we get started...   Why Base a Marketing Strategy on a Trend? Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has gone from being a nice company perk, to "a fundamental strategic priority for businesses large and small," according to...

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4 Keywords That Will Make...or Break Your Marketing Strategy

May 18, 2017

Promotional products share almost seven percent of the advertising market in the U.S alone. That's $21 billion and rising! But what's most helpful to you, the buyer is that promotional products are ranked highest by consumers across all generations as the most effective advertising vehicle. That's great news for companies that cross-promote to more than one audience. But unless you can spot the trends and know which products are valued by each audience, promotional giveaways are just another expense.  Spotting trends and knowing when and how to use them is your best way of ensuring ROI, or at the very least, making sure your brand stands out in a sea of competition. But you already know that experience proving the effectiveness of one...

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