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Wasting time and money searching for company swag, but still not sure what brands your company in the most profitable way?

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We know your company has a lot riding on the swag choices you make and we’re here to make sure you look good to your clients, your staff and yes,  your boss!

We’ve curated the top business swag, corporate tech gifts and trade show giveaways for 2018, including all the cool tech gadgets .

We’ll walk you through choosing the right swag for your unique brand message.

Ready to stop wasting time and money and start building your brand's reputation?


Survey Says: Our Clients Share 3.5 Giveaway Ideas for Trade Shows

April 13, 2018

  A successful giveaway for your next trade show isn’t necessarily a branded promotional item but it could be. We had to say that, right? We have giveaway ideas gathered from the best source: our clients. Our clients are big and small and in the trade show trenches month in and month out. Some have ‘help’-- a marketing team or an agency. Some companies have a person in marketing who gets help from other company executives. Either way, here’s what our clients have to say. Trade Show Sweepstakes Get a name and email to enter clients or prospects in a drawing. Cash. One of our clients says at least 4 digits--ha!  “If it’s not at least $1000, don’t bother” she...

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The Future of Company Swag: How Today’s Technology is Shaping Promotional Products

April 05, 2018

In a world dominated by digital technology, it’s not uncommon for companies to doubt the value of promotional products. With digital advertising and social media allowing us to reach consumers, is company swag still relevant? In short, the answer is, without a doubt, yes! According to the latest statistics reports, many consumers surveyed had received a promotional product in the last six months. We know that company swag is still relevant. However, this isn’t to say that promotional products haven’t been changed by the rapid rise in technology. To get the best return-on-investment from your company swag, it’s important to understand how technology is shaping our promotional products and strategies today and where this industry is headed.   Let’s get...

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