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The Art of Rejection Swag

October 03, 2017

A successful HR department can spot an opportunity, but an exceptional HR department takes advantage of opportunities others never saw coming. One of the most difficult and sometimes controversial elements of the hiring process is notifying a candidate that they aren't a good fit. Everyone hates rejection! But telling an applicant they aren't getting a job has never been viewed as an opportunity for your company...until now. We have a way to turn the rejection process into an image builder for your company. We're going to help you Improve your company visibility Attract those stellar applicants you're looking for and Keep you from earning negative reviews on sites like Glassdoor. HR's Dismal Rejection Reputation According to HRDrive.com, most job candidates spend around 6.5...

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5 Tips for Buying Client Holiday Gifts (Hint...Time Sensitive!)

September 22, 2017

Industry tips and secrets! Everyone wants them, especially during the holidays when they are searching for client holiday gifts. Here's a secret that we've been dying to share! The holidays are the absolute worst time to start thinking of business gifts! After more than seventeen years of helping people choose the perfect items to brand their business and say thank you to valued customers or staff, we've learned a thing or two about how to avoid the disaster holiday gift buying can become. And you can avoid them, too..if you know the tips and tricks.   Avoid Problems You Never Saw Coming Hit the site. Choose the product. Confirm your order. Boom! Your holiday corporate gift shopping is done! That's holiday shopping at its best. We...

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