Discovering Trendsetters: The Most Popular Company Swag Items

May 08, 2024

Discovering Trendsetters: The Most Popular Company Swag Items

Discovering the Trendsetters: The Most Popular Company Swag Items 

In today’s dynamic work environment, company swag is not just about branding; it's a crucial part of team spirit, appreciation, and loyalty. Whether it's for onboarding new employees, celebrating work milestones or accomplishments, or  boosting morale, selecting the right swag can impact your company's culture and brand perception. This blog dives into the swag items that are currently winning over employees, prospects and clients this year.

1. Tech Gadgets: Always a Hit

In an era where technology is king, tech gadgets are consistently popular. Items like branded power banks, custom Bluetooth speakers, and wireless chargers will be used daily. The challenge with tech swag is that much like clothing, one size does not fit all.
INSIDER TIP: Finding tech swag that offers multiple charging options, like this custom charger is key. 

2. Eco-Friendly Products: The Conscious Choice

Don't ask us what the heck the item on the left is or ask to order it. AI gone wild. We have so many questions. A wall plug? With a cap?  Here's the AI description of this image: an eco-friendly theme with a sustainable umbrella made from recycled plastic bottles and a bamboo handle, alongside a keychain charger. It's set outdoors on a rainy day.


Sustainability is more than a buzzword—it's a commitment by all of us to a better planet. Can this be reflected by a company's choice of swag? Certainly! Eco-friendly items can fall in multiple categories: reusable and/or refillable, made from recycled material, made from sustainable material, etc. 

A category we love rain or shine is company umbrellas. Add to your eco friendly savvy with this sustainable umbrella with a canopy made from 10 plastic bottles and a bamboo handle! 

And this keychain charger combines tech gadgets AND eco friendly! 

3. Bags, Bags and More Bags!

What's been the top seller for all promotional products this year? Custom Tote Bags. Totes. Grocery totes. Waist packs. Recycled Tote Bags (see #2) You name it, the bag category continues to sizzle. 

What works for your staff or target market? Pick a bag that makes the most sense and of course, works for your budget, too!

4. Tech Accessories

While not glamorous, branded pens, custom notebooks or journals, tech organizers (below), and promotional mouse pads get tons of visibility. Don't overlook practical items people will use. 

Challenges in Swag Selection

While the popularity of these items is clear, companies often face several challenges when selecting and procuring swag:

  1. Aligning with Brand Values: Ensuring that the swag items are not only popular but also align with the company’s values and branding can be tricky. It’s crucial that these items resonate with the brand’s image and message.

  2. Managing Costs: Balancing cost without compromising on quality is a constant challenge. It’s important to find high-quality products at reasonable prices.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right swag is about understanding what your employees and clients value. It’s a delicate balance of appeal, practicality, and brand alignment. Popular items can be 'of the moment' or have long lasting appeal. Make the right choice for your brand! (In other words, just because it's all over social media doesn't make it right for your brand!)

Companies need to stay responsive to the changing preferences and needs of their people. Whether it’s through embracing new tech innovations, supporting sustainability, or promoting health and wellness, the right swag can play a pivotal role in strengthening your company’s culture and brand identity.