Rethinking Company Swag: It's More Than Just a Price Tag

April 12, 2024

Rethinking Company Swag: It's More Than Just a Price Tag

The True Cost of Price Shopping for Company Swag: A Deep Dive

In the online world of company swag, the allure of price shopping is a tale as old as time. OK, not a tale as old as time, but a tale as old as the internet!  It’s a common scenario: a prospect has purchased in the past from another company or discovers an item at a certain price point, then reaches out to PROMOrx, asking if we can match the price they found elsewhere.

This raises a question: if you've already found your desired item at a seemingly unbeatable price, why continue the search? The answer isn’t as black and white as one might think, and it weaves through the complexities of quality, value, and the precious commodity of time.

The Illusion of Identical Products 

At first glance, two products might look identical in online pictures – a pen is just a pen, and a water bottle is simply that, right? Wrong. The reality is far more complex, and a closer inspection often reveals significant differences.

Take, for example, an aluminum pen versus one made of brass. The weight and durability are differences that will not be obvious in a picture, and then, pen snobs among us, will want to discuss the ink. The type of ink cartridges used can dramatically differ, affecting the writing experience and the perceived value of your brand.

Here's a perfect example. This clever promotional pen is 'plastic with metal trim'. Can you tell that by looking at the pictures? Compare it to this pen with similar features but a brass body custom pen. First giveaway is the price. And again, can you tell this has a brass body by looking at the pictures? Nope. 

Similarly, a single-wall aluminum bottle might come at a lower price point than its double-wall stainless steel counterpart, but the difference in insulation properties is monumental. Hint: again, the price is a giveaway. Tip: single wall construction does not have insulating properties. This means prepare for condensation

You have the opportunity to elevate your merch.  

Evaluating the True Savings

The pursuit of lower prices is a natural instinct in business operations; however, you need to assess what you’re actually saving versus what you’re potentially sacrificing. If a product is cheaper because it’s made with inferior materials, you may end up with swag that fails to impress, doesn't get used, or worse, detracts from your brand image. 

Combine a less expensive option and an untested supplier with time sensitive orders. You could be left holding the proverbial bag if the order doesn't arrive on time. Who cares about a guarantee if you needed those custom journals for an event? A guarantee does you no good. 

Moreover, the time you spend hunting for the lowest price has its own cost. Every hour spent scouring the internet for a slightly better deal is an hour not spent on your core business activities. What's the value of your time? Is the potential savings worth more than the strategic planning, the creative brainstorming, or the relationship-building you could have been doing instead?

Quality Versus Cost: Finding the Balance

View your swag not just as an expense, but as an investment in your brand. High-quality, carefully chosen items not only enhance your brand's image but also build loyalty and stay in use, keeping your business top of mind.

That doesn’t mean ignoring cost—instead, it's about finding a balance. It's about choosing swag that not only fits your budget but also brings value in terms of brand perception and loyalty.

The Role of Expertise in Swag Selection

This is where partnering with the right swag supplier becomes invaluable. (Yes, we'll brag on ourselves. PROMOrx is certainly a great partner!) A trusted supplier doesn’t just offer products; they offer expertise, understanding both the market trends and the nuanced differences between seemingly similar items. They can guide you in selecting items that represent your brand’s values and help ensure that your investment yields the desired return.

Conclusion: The Wise Approach to Swag Shopping

In the end, the quest for the lowest priced company swag shouldn’t be the end goal; rather, it’s finding the highest value.

It’s about striking a balance between cost and quality, understanding the tangible and intangible benefits of your merch choices, and recognizing the value of your time.

So, the next time you find yourself price shopping for company swag, ask yourself: is the potential saving worth the sacrifices? Or is it better to invest in quality items that will proudly represent your brand and resonate with your audience? The answer might just redefine how you view the true cost of price shopping.

In a world where first impressions are everything, let your company swag do more than just exist; let it speak volumes about the caliber of your brand.

After all, in the grand scheme of things, the value you receive from high-quality, thoughtfully selected swag far outweighs the marginal savings (do the math!) of price shopping.