Southern Women Don't Sweat: An Inside Look at Custom Drinkware

May 13, 2019

Southern Women Don't Sweat: An Inside Look at Custom Drinkware

PROMOrx is headquartered in the South. This means we know a thing or two about the heat and humidity and how important it is to choose a custom insulated water bottle that will keep your water (or sweet tea!) cold all day long.

It also means that the moment we step outside, a cold beverage in an un-insulated water bottle is going to sweat more than a --- in church. We’ll let you fill in the blank on that one!

No one likes a 'sweaty' water bottle because the minute you tip it up to take a drink, your entire front is soaked with water. And, while this may cool us Southerners down for a minute, a wet t-shirt isn’t usually the desired look we’re going for!

Custom Drinkware Solutions for Your Promotional Swag

Custom drinkware comes with an array of insulating properties, and these properties are important to take into consideration when selecting a custom insulated water bottle for your promotional swag. Without the right insulation, most custom drinkware options will sweat - or perspire or glisten, whatever you want to call it! After all, Southern women don’t sweat, they glisten (from a t-shirt we saw a few years ago)!

In an effort to help you choose a custom insulated water bottle that will take your customers, prospects, or staff through the long summer months, we’ve outlined the differences in sweat-a-bility below.  

  1. Aluminum - Aluminum water bottles have a single layer of aluminum, which means you won’t be able to keep your beverages hot or cold for long at all. There are no insulation properties here, hence, the sweating. Plus, it’s not a very good idea to put acidic drinks into aluminum bottles (especially if they are not lined with anything) as the metal will leach into whatever you’re sipping. While aluminum water bottles may be the slightly more affordable option when it comes to custom drinkware, customers will know you skipped out on quality, and likely bypass your promotional swag for an insulated water bottle that sweats a whole lot less.

  2. Double Wall - Double wall insulation simply means there is a different layer on the inside of the water bottle as well as the outside of the water bottle. This is a definite step up in promotional swag from the aluminum counterpart! Custom drinkware that has double wall insulation will typically keep drinks cold for up to 16 hours and hot up to 8 hours. There may be some small signs of sweating, but it will be minimal in comparison to aluminum.  

  3. Double Wall with Copper Insulation - This is the Grand Poobah of custom drinkware! Copper double wall insulation adds a copper lining to the inside layer of the water bottle, helping distribute the temperature of the drink more evenly. This type of custom insulated water bottle helps drinks retain their temperature (hot for up to 12 hours or cold for up to 24 hours - sometimes longer in both cases - wow!) with virtually no condensation. This is a custom insulated water bottle that speaks to clients, telling them you know what you’re doing, and that you've gone the extra mile to offer them quality promotional swag. No sweaty water bottles here!


Insulation matters! The insulating properties of custom insulated water bottles is an important factor when choosing promotional swag with staying power. Custom drinkware is eco-friendly (a big win), and usable - meaning customers are likely to see your custom logo over and over again because they will actually use the water bottle. Custom insulated water bottles offer an amazing long as you invest in one that doesn’t leave your clients drenched in water bottle sweat!


Pro tip: Get the most bang for your buck. For a side-by-side comparison of name brand water bottles with the knock-off brands, we did a three-part experiment that will likely make you think twice about that fancy Yeti you’re carrying around!

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