We’re Sweating, but Our Water Bottle Isn’t: 5 Reasons to Buy Custom Drinkware

June 14, 2024

We’re Sweating, but Our Water Bottle Isn’t: 5 Reasons to Buy Custom Drinkware


In a recent 
blog post, we talked about custom insulated water bottles. We’re on a mission to make sure you’re choosing the very best custom drinkware for your promotional swag this summer.

After all, in our part of the country (the South), it’s already hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk, so it’s definitely time to start thinking about the “cool” company swag you’re going to offer clients, prospects, and even employees for the summer months ahead.

In addition to selecting one that doesn’t sweat all over everything, it’s also important to consider how well the brand name custom insulated water bottles (think Stanley, Yeti, Contigo, Hydro Flask, and S’well) stand up to the the knock-off versions currently circulating around the promotional swag industry.

Be sure to check out our extensive research comparing the brand name water bottles to the knock-offs, and prepare yourself to be surprised!

Custom insulated water bottles make great promotional swag for a variety of reasons, and below, we’ve listed five of the top reasons why choosing custom insulated water bottles over plastic and aluminum drinkware is a smart addition to your promotional swag and trade show giveaway lineup.

5 Reasons to Choose Custom Insulated Water Bottles

Your Drinks Stay Colder for Longer
No one likes to take a swig of lukewarm water. And with summer temps reaching higher levels than ever, it’s no wonder liquids stored in plastic and aluminum bottles are immediately affected. You can add as many ice cubes as you like, but without a custom insulated water bottle, you’re going to experience that lukewarm or even that “Ew, gross, too hot!” swig of water.

Thanks to the magic of heat transfer, the myriad of custom drinkware on the market can keep your beverages cold for up to 24 hours or longer (!) and you can even use a custom insulated water bottle to keep your drinks hot in the cooler months. That’s promotional swag with staying power!  

Durable and Long Lasting
It’s way too easy to customize the label on a plastic water bottle and hand those puppies out to prospects and clients at a trade show. But, as soon as you do, the water is gone and the bottle is in the garbage. Super disposable - meaning your brand become just as disposable!

A custom insulated water bottle adds tremendous value to your promotional swag because it stands up to the test. Custom drinkware is durable, sturdy, and versatile for anyone who receives one. Your brand has the opportunity to travel to the office, the gym, the beach, and beyond. When properly cared for, custom drinkware will last for years, making this an excellent ROI for your marketing dollar.


Custom Drinkware is Eco-Friendly  
Speaking of disposable...we are using and throwing away too much single-use plastic. Our landfills, and more importantly, our oceans are suffering greatly. In the news this week: 400 millions pieces of trash have been found washed up on remote tropical islands that are otherwise untouched. That’s astonishing, and unfortunately, just one example of the damage single-use plastic is doing to our earth. (It’s been estimated that we buy 1,000,000 plastic bottles per minute - yikes!)


hydro flask bottle white laser engraved


By choosing custom insulated water bottles as part of your promotional swag, you are contributing to the solution, instead of adding to the problem. Putting your custom logo on reusable, eco-friendly drinkware, you’re showing clients you care about Mother Earth and are dedicated to a cause. Millennials are particularly concerned about the environment and show a clear preference for companies that make sustainability a priority.

Your Health May Be Affected
Not only are single-use plastic water bottles bad for the environment, but all that plastic is likely affecting your health too. New research has discovered microplastic particles can affect one's health. This causes many people to worry about the dangers of drinking water from plastic bottles.

Choose custom insulated water bottles to avoid any toxins leaching into your beverage. This will help prevent your customers, prospects, and staff from ingesting harmful substances, which is just another way to show you care. Plus, they’ll reuse the bottle and show off your brand time and again. A promotional swag no-brainer!

They’re Convenient!
A custom insulated water bottle is grab-and-go promotional swag that adds big value to your marketing campaign. In addition to the points mentioned above, high-quality custom drinkware aligns with almost any brand, and fits almost every audience. Adding your logo to this cool company swag is a lasting investment that can be reused, easily cleaned, packed, and carried with your clients or staff wherever they go.  

Bonus! Reason #6 to Choose Custom Drinkware

Options Galore!
We know that looks aren’t everything. After all, our last blog post details that it’s what’s inside that really counts, BUT who doesn't love the idea of having cool, one-of-a-kind company swag? Custom insulated water bottles come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, which makes them great promotional swag for your brand and your message.

Need a custom insulated bottle with built in speaker? No, problem, we got it. What about a stainless steel water bottle with a stainless steel lid? No worries, we go that too. Need something a little smaller, perhaps a custom insulated tumbler for your wine-drinking clients? Oh, snap! We have that too! Custom drinkware is fun and functional promotional swag, and that’s a win-win no matter how you look at it.

Insulated Water Bottles Colors


Custom insulated water bottles remain a hot-selling item in the promotional products industry, for all the reasons we listed above. If you’re looking for long lasting promotional swag for your summertime campaigns and upcoming trade shows, you can’t go wrong with custom drinkware. You’ll leave a big impression on clients, and give your brand a boost with your custom logo showing front and center. We can drink to that!

Tell us: What is your favorite cold beverage for the hot months of summer?

Here at PROMOrx, we’re partial to sweet tea, peach Coke, and margaritas!