From Plastic to Fantastic: Earth Day Swag, Part 1

March 06, 2019

From Plastic to Fantastic: Earth Day Swag, Part 1

Earth Day is officially celebrated worldwide on April 22, but here at PROMOrx we like to think of Earth Day as everyday, with special attention placed on ways to be environmentally conscious throughout the year. You might be thinking: “Why does a promotional products company care about the environment?”

The answer(s), for us, lies in the facts:


And it’s not just plastics that are causing severe and permanent damage to our environment:

Small Changes Add Up

Whew. Those are some pretty sobering statistics. Clearly, it’s time to start caring about the problem. In an industry riddled with cheap, disposable products (most of which are plastic), we are always looking for ways to be more environmentally conscious in the products we promote for your trade show giveaways and client thank yous. We do the research and offer you eco-friendly options that are small, but impactful steps in preserving our environment.

Small changes, even in your business branding and company marketing, can make a major impact on the air we breathe, the water we drink, the environment, and extinction of important habitats and animal life.

This is the benefit of partnering with someone who knows their stuff!

We can help you find cool products that are eco-friendly. This could mean choosing to promote your business with a reusable tote made from recycled plastics or it could mean adding your custom logo to a reusable water bottle. All it takes is being aware and making an effort to contribute where you can. Your clients will notice the difference and it offers you a chance to inform and educate as well as demonstrate to clients that you have a cause that you care about.

Stay tuned for part two of this series, where we’ll highlight a handful of products you can use in your Earth Day promotions and trade show giveaways, making it easy to transition your company swag from plastic to fantastic!