From Plastic to Fantastic: Earth Day Swag

March 07, 2021

From Plastic to Fantastic: Earth Day Swag

In an earlier earth-friendly swag blog, we hit you with some hard facts, which  tells us that we (that’s a collective we!) need to take greater strides and make better choices. This can seem daunting, but small action leads to big change, so we encourage you to start small, and “do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”    

To help you think about environmentally friendly swag, we’ve gathered a list of products that would make a great alternative to single-use plastic items. Keep in mind: these are just some starter ideas. There are a ton of really cool options out there, and with a little effort, you can take your Earth Day swag from plastic to fantastic in no time!


Recycled Promotional Products Are a Big Win

    1. Recycled Custom Notebooks: This seems like a no-brainer! Who doesn’t use notebooks? Plus, paper is one of the easiest products to find that is made from recycled materials. Another environmentally-friendly bonus? Paper is one of the most recycled materials, making it easy for the your clients and prospects to re-recycle it once they’re done making scribbles.

    We like this recycled notebook for a lot of reasons: 1. recycled cardboard cover (check); 2. recycled paper (check); and 3. steel spiral binding . See? It’s a no-brainer, and the fact that it’s made in America (we love this!) will get you extra bonus points as clients see that you care about the earth and supporting the local economy.

    2. Recycled Promotional Ink Pens: Pair a good recycled pen with a recycled notebook and you’ve got a winning combination. They go together like peas and carrots, and make for thoughtful tradeshow giveaways.

    In terms of pens, these recycled pens are tops. The pens are made from recycled plastic bottles, which is a win in and of itself. However, we also think pens make a great Earth Day giveaways because they can be used over and over again...if you buy the refills to go along with it.

    Tradeshow giveaway insider tip: Buy the refills ahead of time and offer them as part of the pen giveaway. It shows intention and tells clients you’re covering all the bases. That’s good for business!

      3. Eco-Friendly Custom Tote Bag: It’s time to think outside the...bag. Your Earth Day giveaways don’t have to center solely around paper and plastic, which are pretty obvious choices when it comes to eco-friendly swag.

      This eco-friendly custom tote is made from recycled cotton that comes from what is termed “factory waste” - the excess material that collects after a garment is cut (think about your t-shirts, dresses, slacks). This is recycled swag that your clients are probably not going to expect, which is a great way to stand out among the rest of the Earth Day swag crowd. Plus, it’s another chance to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

          4. Bamboo Custom Bluetooth Speaker: Unless you’re aware of the benefits of using bamboo as a sustainable material, then you’re probably overlooking an entire category of products that can you can incorporate into your Earth Day swag for earth-friendly results.

          We think this portable bamboo speaker looks great when you add your custom logo to it. Use it for a corporate thank you gift or employee onboarding programs to wow recipients and make your brand (and message) heard loud and clear.  

          5. Promo Sustainable Bamboo Pens   Most people will look at a bamboo barrel pen and immediately associate it as an eco friendly giveaway. This twist barrel bamboo pen is one of our customer favorites.

            You Don’t Always Have to Buy Recycled Promo Products

            The promo products mentioned above are a few of our top picks when it comes to Earth Day marketing campaigns. They are made from recycled or sustainable materials and have the ability to be reused, which is not only good for the environment, it means your company swag hangs around a little longer too.

            BUT, there are other options for cool swag that also show you have the environment in mind. Here are an additional three products that can be used for your marketing giveaways and still maintain an eco-friendly approach for any Earth Day events. As we always say, Earth Day should be celebrated 365 days a year, so using these earth friendly promotional products for employee onboarding or client gifts make great sense!

              1. All-Natural Lip Balm: This promotional lip balm is one we sell a lot of to hospitals and spas, but it would make a great Earth Day giveaway for any business looking for something all-natural and void of harsh chemicals (SPF), that are seriously harmful to coral reefs. The bonus with this promotional lip balm is that it's manufactured by a Certified B Corp

              Attach some information about the benefits of using SPF-free products, and you not only have an affordable, but educational swag bag product that is sure to make your clients and prospects stop to think.  

                2. Stainless Steel Water Bottles: Reusable drinkware is another no-brainer when it comes to Earth Day swag. Opting for a stainless steel version will tell clients and employees that you’re invested in the environment and willing to offer a classier version of the standard water bottle.

                They come in a multitude of colors and styles, making the possibilities almost endless. Our clients love this custom insulated bottle. It’s similar to the popular retail brand (HydroFlask®) that actually BEAT out the real HydroFlask® in our in depth water bottle comparison for keeping drinks hot and cold.   

                Be sure and check out this bamboo insulated bottle , too!

                  3. Refillable Journals: If you can’t find an eco-friendly journal option that fits with your marketing needs, then what about a journal that can be refilled? Want to score bonus points with your clients and prospects? Buy the refills and offer it as part of your company swag. Talk about impressing them!

                  This custom refillable journal can serve as a corporate thank you gift. This is another customizable refillable journal to consider. Keep your company swag in line with the overall theme of Earth Day: educate and take action.


                    Choosing earth-friendly company swag is always a great idea, and small steps really do help. We encourage you to do your research and make sure the swag you’re choosing is really good for the environment (there are a lot of tricky signs and the language can get muddled).

                    As we said, small steps lead to big things, and we want your company or school, to shine amongst the crowd when it comes to this year’s Earth Day swag, and hopefully, you’ll elect to keep these eco-friendly products around as part of your year round swag for ongoing responsibility and maximum exposure among clients and prospects.