Custom Pen + Stylus + Tools

  • Item #: 120024
  • Item Size: 5 7/8" H
  • Imprint Area: 2" W x 1/8" H

Looking for a unique promo pen perfect for the engineering or construction crowd?

MacGyver’s got nothing on this little guy, which has everything you could need
at your desk (except maybe some tape and a stapler) in one place.
This six-sided custom stylus pen makes it easy to use ruler and level features. 

  1. 3”, 7 cm. ruler
  2. Bubble level
  3. Philips & flathead screwdriver bits for repairs on the go
  4. Rubber touchscreen stylus
  5. Black ballpoint ink, twist-action pen
  6. **Bonus features: textured metal grip; metal clip on side. Plastic body.

Sometimes, all-in-one pens compromise quality for quantity. This guy does it all well. 
Company logo printed in one color on pen body below clip.

Looking for something a bit more upscale? Check out the alternative brass stylus + pen + tools


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