Swag Trending Now

Swag trends. We get asked 'what are the hot business swag trends' almost daily. We've decided to share the company swag trends based on what's selling now and what's new in the land of promotional products you simply must know about.

You'll find this list changes -- just as the trends change. When it comes to what's new and what's cool. Wait. What do YOU call them? Merch/swag/advertising specialties/promotional products??? 

You'll find some promotional products stay on the list for months or even years at a time while other promotional items come and go quickly. (Fidget spinners anyone?!) The swag that stays around most likely qualifies as useful. That's what our company hears most often.

Custom drinkware continues to be on the list year after year. New styles and new colors catch our eye (and yours!) so on the list they go. This custom insulated tumbler is our staff coffee drinker's new favorite.

We are putting together special kits for our customers and drop shipping. This clever desk top accessory has been in five of the last six projects we've done!

Don't see what you need? Reach out. We can likely find whatever it is. We're here to help.