How Long Would You Stand In Line for Your Company’s Swag?

April 11, 2019

How Long Would You Stand In Line for Your Company’s Swag?

Our corporate swag radar runs wide and deep. As you can imagine, we’ve seen it all, from the truly cool and unique custom swag to the “WTHeck?!” (Think a “luxury” real estate agent sending out cheap fridge magnet calendars. Or a medical facility putting a koozie into a swag bag.)

And, we’ve created a lot of our own custom swag right along with everyone else. Those PROMOrx water bottles are great and all, but you’re not going to see them sold online for hundreds of dollars anytime soon a la Tesla.

You read that right. You, too, can own a jacket with the Tesla logo on it for a mere $175. Not too bad, considering Elon Musk’s other business, The Boring Company, has swag selling for thousands of dollars on eBay.

Not only does Tesla’s cool company swag go for big bucks online, but employees of the electric car company are willing to stand in line for discounted swag as was demonstrated as part of what the company called “Merch Madness” (we love this clever play on words) last month.

That Tesla branded jacket that sells online for $175? Employees were able to get it for a mere $48 as part of the morale boosting stunt that gave employees a chance to buy company swag for cheap. People were waiting in super long lines to get a hold of this company merch, which made us stop and go hmmm.

How long would you stand in line for your own company’s merch?

Here at PROMOrx, we’re big fans of Tesla and everything Elon Musk does, so we would definitely stand in line for Tesla swag. In fact, PROMOrx owner, Vickie MacFadden, owns and critiques both SpaceX and Tesla swag.

“We love the SpaceX luggage tag. It’s the name of the recovery ship that the boosters are recovered on, ‘Of course I still love you.’”

“The packaging for the Tesla water bottle rocked! The custom water bottle came in a polyester bag that was printed step and repeat. And would you believe a t-shirt came in the cardboard cylinder, which was printed tone on tone. Very nice!”

Of course, not all companies have the luxury of producing cool company swag like Tesla. In an article summarizing swag for 2018, we came across some company giveaways that made us shake our heads.

How many of you would wear a shirt with “Mr. Mucus” printed on the front? Maybe swag is like children...sometimes only a mother, or company CEO, can love them! (The NatGeo water bottle with gemstones, on the other hand, is pretty clever and gets our vote of approval for on-brand swag that hits all the right buttons when it comes to smart marketing.)


When taking inventory of your own company swag, where do your promotional efforts fall? Are you more of a Tesla, with awesome branded swag that leaves everyone, including your employees, scrambling to get it? Or are you more of a “Mr. Mucus,” whereby 99% of people probably don’t want to associate with all that...stuff?

If you answered somewhere in the middle, moving more towards the “Mr. Mucus” side of things, we’re here to help! Stay tuned for next week’s blog where we’ll give you some ideas on how to do a complete spring clean of your company’s swag and tradeshow giveaways. Or call us today to get started on revamping your company swag with your company or school logo.

Your marketing dollars will thank you!