10 Client Gifts to Keep Your Business Front & Center All Year Long

Your clients are at the core of your business, and retaining them as your client is imperative for company growth. Maintaining a quality product or service is a great way to show you care about what you're selling, but sometimes you need to go the extra step.

Showing your appreciation to clients will go a long way in keeping their business and ensuring a steady foundation for your professional relationship.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Gratitude comes in a variety of packages. Sometimes a simple “thank you” card will suffice. Other times, you need to give something that will make a more lasting impression.

Let’s go over some quick-and-dirty rules for buying your client a gift that’s just right.

  1. Stay Consistent with Your Brand
    Chances are it’s taken you years to build your brand - that essential identity that everyone knows and trusts. Your clients are emotionally invested in you, and regardless of whether it’s a product, an email, or a gift, you want to make sure you’re not going against that trust by throwing them a curveball. It doesn’t make sense to be a cardiologist and give your clients a gift card to McDonald’s. You want to stay on-brand, so take some time to think about the gift and how it ties in with your mission.
  2. Know Your Client
    This is an important one. Your gift should convey both professionalism and a sense of familiarity. You want to personalize the gift just enough to let your client know that you see them and you hear them. Don’t send over a bottle of wine if your client doesn’t drink. Don’t be the boss who gifts pricey steakhouse gift certificates to his vegan employees. Consider the tidbits you’ve garnered from conversations with your client and choose a gift that will be meaningful to them.

  3. Don’t Be the Hero of Gift Giving You want to be mindful of cheap, throw away gifts, but you also don’t want to go overboard in your gift selections. If your client subscribes to a $200/year service, buying them a $400 coffee maker is overdoing it. You can choose quality gifts that offer value without breaking your budget or making anyone feel uncomfortable. Tip: Opt for gifts that get used often, so they stay visible. 
  4. Think Beyond the Holidays
    December is when everyone else will be sending gifts, and unless your gift is an incredibly good one, there’s a chance you’ll get lost in the crowd. It’s okay to send your client a gift in December, but keep in mind other opportunities throughout the year to say “thank you.” These unexpected tokens of appreciation will make a lasting impression and leave your client with a happy heart.  

Now that we’ve given you some basic rules to follow when picking out a gift for your client, let’s show you the top client gifts we’re seeing fly out the door this year.

10 Client Gifts Set to Impress

  1. Digital Smart Speaker  
    Possibly one of the coolest tech gadgets out there, this Bluetooth speaker is packed with features that will impress even the most tech savvy. Keep connected and use this portable Bluetooth speaker to keep track of the weather, the time, and what’s going on on your smartphone. It also has a light function that allows you to sleep better (or throw a really awesome party). It’s the most fun and interactive gift idea out there.

Buy it for: On-trend clients or employees who appreciate the bells and whistles that come with new technology.  

  1. Leather Duffel Bag

When your gifting needs call for a true classic, this leather duffel bag is going to rise above the rest. Made with genuine leather, it’s a gift that will last through the ages, both in terms of quality and memory. Whoever receives this won’t be forgetting you for a long time!

Buy it for: Top tier clients, employees with outstanding performance rates, your board of directors...just about anyone who deserves a touch of luxury.

  1. Classic Space Pen    

The Classic Space Pen is a top seller, and it’s easy to see why. With the ability to write in zero gravity, underwater, over grease, and in extreme temperatures, the Classic Space Pen is just plain fun! Anyone who receives this will want to show it off, which, with the addition of your company logo, is perfect.

Buy it for: The price point makes this an ideal gift for employees or those clients who you want to show a little love to without going overboard (see rule #3 above!).  

  1. Noise Cancelling Headphones
    Sometimes life calls for a little quiet. Or in the case of these noise cancelling headphones, a lot of quiet! Voted "Best On-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones of 2016" by CNET, these noise canceling headphones not only block out the noise of the world, they also offer superior sound quality - perfect for anyone who enjoys a mid-day dance break.  

Buy it for: Clients who travel frequently (goodbye airplane noise) or those MVP employees who are on the cutting edge of cool.

  1. Leather Travel Organizer and Wallet

This leather travel organizer doubles as a wallet, allowing you to stay cool, calm, and collected during even those most chaotic travel schedule. Busy executives will appreciate the sleek style of the genuine leather and the added bonus of RFID protection. With a reasonable price point, this is a gift that will take take you places without burning a hole in your, um, wallet.    

Buy it for: Frequent business travelers, international clients, or your sales team.  

  1. Wireless Charger + Battery Power Bank

Tech gadgets are hot commodities, and the polished design of this wireless charger + power bank makes this one a scorcher. The wireless function will appeal to clients with newer devices, but don’t worry. The power bank allows you to connect older device with a USB cord, so it’s truly universal and handy for anyone who seeks 100% battery life.

Buy it for: Anyone with a smartphone or tablet. So, basically everyone!

  1. Leather Bound Journal

You never know when inspiration will strike, which is why leather bound journals make great client gifts. Whether they’re taking meeting notes or writing their life story, clients will appreciate the look and feel of this leather bound journal. Pair with a custom pen and it’s a gift worthy of attention.

Buy it for: Clients or employees who still appreciate the feel of pen and paper.

  1. Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle   

Water bottles continue to be a popular choice when thinking about client gifts, and this one is a standout option due to the insulated feature that allows you to keep your drinks cold or hot. Durable in quality thanks to stainless steel, clients will be taking these insulated water bottles with them everywhere!

Buy it for: Anyone who drinks water, coffee, hot chocolate, soda, wine (okay, maybe we shouldn’t encourage that last one!).  

  1. Leather Executive Padfolio  

Today’s world tends to focus on all digital, all the time. However, many of the important things are still done with pen and paper. A leather executive padfolio is a great gift idea for clients who need to jot down information, organize important documents, or keep track of meeting notes. Offering form, function, and impeccable style, this leather padfolio is a quality gift idea.

Buy it for: The ultra organized client, colleague, or employee.

  1. Leather Luggage Tags
    Leather luggage tags are simple gift ideas that make a lasting impression, especially for those frequent travelers who don’t have time to think about luggage tags. Made from genuine leather, they make quite the style statement and alleviate the need to write your name and address last-minute on the flimsy paper tags provided by the airlines.

Buy it for: Business travelers, on-the-go salespeople, travel agents, or anyone who enjoys traveling.

Shopping for your clients doesn’t have to be stressful, but it should be intentional. With a little time, energy, and forethought, you’ll have an appropriate client gift that meets all the requirements and leaves your clients feeling appreciated.

Our list of top 10 gift ideas is just the beginning. There are are a lot of gift options out there. If you feel stuck, give us a call. We’re always here to help!

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