Company Swag Ideas (That Are Currently Trending)

January 06, 2021

Company Swag Ideas (That Are Currently Trending)

We've seen lots of twists and turns in the land of company swag as businesses work through transitioning from in person trade shows to virtual conferences, not to mention swag for remote staff. The question we're hearing now is, what's going to be the best company swag in 2021?! And what are some great company swag ideas?

When you look for promotional product trends, typically you look at what's sold in the past combined with what's trending in the retail markets. We have company swag ideas for virtual meetings and your remote work team. 

Company Swag Ideas for 2021


1. Work from Home Swag

Working from home can be a little tricky. There are a million different distractions to interfere with your work flow. 
Not to mention, team WFH can also feel disconnected.
Today we find many working remotely for the first time. 

The trend we're seeing for swag in this category is useful + fun factor branded gifts. Some of the popular swag ideas include: 
custom phone holders, custom journals, desk top refresh kits, games for desktop and outdoors, customized selfie lights and this promotional ergonomic mousepad. 

Instead of just a brand logo, many of our clients are printing quotes that are motivational or funny on items like journals, branded pens and promotional umbrellas. 


2. Personalization on Branded Gifts

Sure, we've put names and initials on padfolios and journals and lots of other company swag in past years. Recently, this has been an on-going trend on many company swag projects.

We've helped with orders for custom insulated drinkware, custom padfolios, and more, all with individual team member names printed in addition to the company or school logo. TIP: Check twice to make sure everyone's name is spelled correctly! 

This is the perfect opening to build team spirit while working remotely. And when you're back in the office, no worries about grabbing a co-worker's cup since it's personalized with their name! Personalization is right on target this year!


3. Self Care Swag

Born out of the pandemic, this has become the moment and means to let team WFH know you care. Some of our top selling promo items: promotional coloring journals, food and snack gifts, motivational books, customized refillable journals, embroidered or printed blankets/throws, custom printed candles, plants, etc.

Will this continue in 2021? Yes. Swag gift ideas for remote workers will continue to be popular. We're hearing that many offices won't open completely until July and others are telling us the end of 2021. There are also large tech companies that are saying work from home is permanent if desired by their staff.

We will continue to see company swag utilized to strengthen workplace culture.


In spring/summer, promotional beach towels and picnic blankets will be welcomed company gifts. Custom insulated coffee tumblers and custom wine tumblers will continue to be popular but we'll start to see customized water bottles and infusers for fruit or tea back in the mix. Add to the company swag list, promotional gifts related to baking, cooking or grilling. This category is some of the most popular company merch. 


4. Virtual Event Giveaways

It's true, virtual conferences are here to stay. Attendance numbers continue to rise which is a good thing. In order to bridge that gap between a live experience, and a virtual one, event organizers are trying all kinds of new giveaways. Virtual giveaway boxes filled with cool swag have helped to not only create buzz around a brand, but they've also been helpful for winning over sponsors, and getting customers involved with the brand. 

Trying to create and maintain interest is the target with these swag projects. 

Knowing budget and deadline, our team has put together custom swag boxes or shared already assembled merch kits. 

Shipping to remote attendees became standard operating procedure. Add to that total, swag boxes shipping to remote work teams to cultivate company culture and you understand why this is such a big category. 

Click and read the complete guide to  virtual event swag. 


WFH Swag Kit Ideas

5. Branded UV Phone Sanitizers and UV Sanitizers + Chargers

The technology has been around for years prior to the pandemic. First to market were these branded uv phone sanitizers. For corded charging (you need your phone cable), they're perfect. 

What happened later in 2020 was that uv phone sanitizers starting adding wireless charging capability. This combination custom uv phone sanitizer + charger is the perfect way to keep things tidy on your desk! 

branded uv phone sanitizer

And speaking of your desk, how about this combination uv cell phone sanitizer + wireless charger + time and temp custom printed with your brand logo?

We don't see branded uv sanitizer sales slowing down this year. Quite the opposite, we see the category growing. There are several promotional sanitizer + charger options currently in the category, all with unique features. We know of others that will be added as inventory becomes available. Inventory has been and will likely continue to be an issue in the first half of 2021.


Company Swag Trends Conclusion

Are you worrying that your company isn’t forward-thinking and innovating enough? How do you know you’re buying the right company swag? What if the swag is a brand disconnect?
The PROMOrx team is here to assist you in making smart choices about the company swag you select for marketing or acknowledging your team!

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