Can Polka Dots Turn Prospects Into Purchasers?

August 08, 2016

Can Polka Dots Turn Prospects Into Purchasers?

We were in the North Carolina mountains over the weekend. We stopped and pulled into a grocery store parking lot in Hendersonville NC (The town was recently named one of the cutest small towns in the South.  )

A van with white polka dots caught my eye. There was a lady returning her grocery cart walking toward the van. 

She 'matched' the van. Think it was Jane?
I have no idea as I've never shopped at the store.

I will check out their website and perhaps visit the shop next time we're in Hendersonville.

Isn't that the result we want to see when we put our company logo on branded items or the side of a vehicle? 
Well, most of us business owners want you to do more than check us out--we want you to BUY! 

Buying starts with an introduction.

Would the van alone have been enough to cause me to check out the shop? For me, no. The combination of the polka dots attire AND the van pushed me over the edge. 

Does branding work?
Is branding tied into marketing?
And therefore branding + marketing creates sales? 

I'll let you know if I make a purchase...


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