The Ultimate Procrastinator’s Guide to Buying Corporate Holiday Gifts

November 17, 2016

The Ultimate Procrastinator’s Guide to Buying Corporate Holiday Gifts


If you are like me (and let’s face it, you are reading this, so I know you are) you are full of good intentions but you are excellent at putting things off until the last possible second and still get them done.  

This works out well for you most of the time, but with certain things (like ordering company swag or corporate holiday gifts) this can come back to bite you.

Let me share some insider tips on how to still get your company swag on time and have great choices.


  1. Move corporate holiday gift buying to the top of your To-Do list.

The longer you wait, the more expensive shipping is going to be. Why spend your corporate gift budget on express shipping?  Make the most of your company budget by spending it on the gifts, not shipping.


To make sure your holiday gifts are delivered before Christmas, 12/21 should be the latest date you want your company gifts to arrive. Many executives and staff will take that whole week off, so early is better.                                                                               


Outliers tip: consider sending gifts the week of Thanksgiving -- isn't that the perfect time for 'thank you for your business' gifts? And there's a whole lot less competition! 


  1. The most efficient way to get your shopping done is to have your budget and categories of items that you would like to consider (mugs, journals, fleece throws, cool tech giveawaysfood gifts, etc.)

Need ideas? You can check out our ideabook for some of the coolest company swag available. Then give us a call – and we can check on inventory availability before you get your heart set on something that won’t work with your timeline. We may also suggest alternatives that you might not have noticed on our site that might be better for your brand.    

 Talk through the options with marketing professionals before ordering corporate gifts for the best results. 


  1. If you are really crunched for time, consider gift items without branding.


Yes. We said that. If you are not having items imprinted or embroidered, then the order process takes less time.  And sometimes a non-branded item is a better option. You can ship them with a nice personalized note. 


  1. Make it easier by choosing gifts that can be drop shipped to your clients.

There are gifts that we can have individually shipped (for a fee of course) to all your gift recipients (even if there are hundreds of them!). We can point you to those gifts to make your search easier. 


  1. Have your gift list ready and check it twice.


Preparing your list in advance ensures that you not only order enough items (it’s still a good idea to order a few extras!), but also that you are ready to package and ship the items out as soon as they arrive. Pre-print labels and if you know what size boxes needed, you can even affix the labels.


Double check addresses. Wrong addresses cost time and money.  


  1. Ultimate procrastinators

OK, make it a thing. Wait until after New Years, and send the gift with a thank you note about anticipating another great year of doing business together.


If you can’t beat the crowd – leverage your weaknesses as a strength, don't you think? 




Author: Lisa Diesel, content marketer extraordinaire and confessed procrastinator on occasion.

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