Cool Conference Giveaways for Upcoming Trade Shows: Making the Right Impression on Millennials

December 28, 2017

Cool Conference Giveaways for Upcoming Trade Shows: Making the Right Impression on Millennials

Let’s face it: you’re pretty much guaranteed to come away from a conference or trade show with tons of booth giveaways. It’s really no surprise why some of the most successful companies put a huge amount of time, money and effort into their conference swag. The fact of the matter is that these handouts work.

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But after a while, the branded products at trade shows and conferences all blend together. One of the best ways you can make your booth stand out from the competition is to hand out cool company swag that’s tailored to your target audience. If that audience just so happens to be millennial-based, don’t worry. We have all the branded items you need to catch the attention of this dynamic demographic.

  • Branded PopSockets — What do millennials love? Their phones. Seriously, 98 percent of them own smartphones, and a lot of them say they couldn’t live without one. If you really want to catch the attention of millennials with branded promotional items, then you can’t go wrong with custom PopSockets. These handy little gadgets are great for propping up your phone — especially when you want to share photos and videos hands-free — and can be used to wrangle earbud wires and more. Plus, we offer them at different price points to keep you on budget for every event.
  • Branded Tech Items — The key to choosing the best branded items is to pick things that you know will get use. Branded stylus pens are an awesome idea, especially if you’re trying to reach college students who tend to use tablets and smartphones in class. Of course, since we already know that millennials love their phones, you’re guaranteed to get awesome feedback when you hand out eye-catching, branded phone cases.

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  • Practical Handouts — You can also make a big impression by branding products that are designed for practicality. For example, branded USB drives are ideal for handing out to millennials because they’re something that they’ll use every single day. These great little giveaways are easy for recipients to toss in their backpack, purse or briefcase for the next time they need a storage solution. Take it to the next level with data-blocking USB charging adapters that add extra security. These handy gadgets protect against unwanted data exchange at public charging stations.
  • Branded Earbuds — Noticing a trend here? Millennials love their tech products. No matter what kind of business you run, you can be sure that conference attendees will grab your branded headphones and sport them with a passion every day. Everyone could use a spare pair, after all. Bundle them with practical branded Bluetooth speakers for promotional products that will make the right impression. These are great promo items for bands, musicians, record labels and other music-focused businesses.

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  • Wallets and Accessories — Again, some of the best giveaways are those that serve a solid purpose. It’s the branded everyday items that tend to get the most use, after all. Branded wallets and accessories are some of the best conference giveaways for millennials because they’re guaranteed to get use. And when they get used, it creates more exposure for your brand. Just imagine how many times a day your logo will peek out during daily expenditures at the artisan coffee cart or a cocktail with a friend.
  • Fidget Spinners — Maybe the fidget spinner craze is on its way out, but that doesn’t mean these addicting little gadgets are any less fun than they once were. Branded fidget spinners are an awesome way to get customers’ attention and keep it engaged every day. Who can resist fidgeting with one for hours on end?
  • Canvas Cooler Totes — For a wow-worthy gift, encourage your conference attendees to take fresh, cold beverages wherever they go — tailgating, concerts, picnics and more — with branded cooler tote bags that hold over a dozen cans or bottles. While you’re at it, give the gift of custom coolies that coordinate perfectly with these easy-transport items.

Once you choose the perfect branded items to appeal to your specific audience, make sure to design your products in a way that’s unique and eye-catching. Remember, your potential customers and clients will see hundreds of items at each trade show or conference, so yours has got to stand out in a crowd. Luckily, PROMOrx can help you create truly unique company swag that resonates with millennials.