Stop Wishlist Shopping: Send Branded Alternatives for Lasting Impact

December 01, 2016

Stop Wishlist Shopping: Send Branded Alternatives for Lasting Impact

Have you been building a mental wishlist from the “Best Gifts of the Season” lists sent out by various publications? I’ve sure seen some cool stuff on those lists this year – Real Simple and Entrepreneur come to mind. One thing to note is that many of the coolest gifts from those lists can be ordered with your company logo – making your holiday gift deliver for a long time to come as the recipient uses your branded item, enjoys it and is reminded of the awesome company that you are.

We’ve done some comparing of these gift lists to what we have from our suppliers and we have pulled out a few examples (specifically of items we like). But as you browse these lists, know that (if you hustle - time is running short) we can get your company brand on these. You can deliver the season’s coolest swag, but with the addition of tasteful branding - upping the ante in terms of the long-term impact of the gift for the company.

The Real Simple editors picked their favorite finds from the Neiman Marcus Christmas book. Some of these items looked like they’d be real fun as corporate gifts, so we’ve selected some comparison choices (sometimes the same item).

They had a cocktail shaker – but we suggest perhaps an etched martini set in a gift box is nicer.

They included the DIVOOM AuraBox Wireless Speaker. We have the same speaker (same brand).  Ours is the same brand, but available with your logo on the speaker screen

Real Simple suggested a half-gallon beer growler. We have a wide selection of growlers for branding; I thought this one was super cool!

Entrepreneur Magazine’s List had quite a few neat items on it for business gift ideas. We selected a few and show below comparison items (some of which are even better – Bluetooth, or more power/outlets) that you might consider gifting branded instead:

Hydration Tracking Sport Bottle 


Bluetooth Headphones


10,400 mAh Power Bank 


UV Light Phone Sanitizer Seen on Shark Tank

Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

What ever gift items you have in mind, we can probably find you either that item or something comparable or better which can be branded. If you are coming late to the party on holiday gifting, and none of these items spark your interest – check out our Holiday Gift Ideabook for inspiration.

 by Lisa Diesel

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