6.5 Questions You Should Ask BEFORE Buying Trade Show Giveaways

February 03, 2020

6.5 Questions You Should Ask BEFORE Buying Trade Show Giveaways

When it comes to recommending the best trade show giveaways, we're good, but we're not psychic, nor equipped with crystal balls. We are best equipped to help your business if you've asked and know the answers to these questions.

And yeah, sometimes, we know the answer is, this is conference swag we want because we saw a competitor with it at a prior event. Cool. But maybe we can '10X' that swag without spending '10X' budget. Ask us.


Promotional power banks continue to be popular and for good reason. If you don't understand the tech, you can lose out on the '10X' factor.

One of our clients used power banks with built in connectors we recommended as a special booth giveaway. We recommended one with connectors to cover Team Apple and Team Android. The client told us a competitor had 'yesterday's mobile charger' with cables that only worked for older Android phones, not the newest models. We love hearing those stories.


Custom reusable straws are hot. But too many lose the eco-friendliness factor in the packaging. We can show you one in a cotton bag, not a plastic tube. 



Did umbrellas ever really leave? Nope. But they're back in force with the inversion umbrellas flooding the market. We know. Bad pun. 

Again, one of our customers has the winning story. He purchased inverted style umbrellas printed with the company logo for customer gifts. His employees discovered them first. Oops. 

New to the market? The 10X umbrella and not the 10X price? This one: folding inversion umbrella


    • 1. Who is the target market?
    • 2. Is there an event theme? 
    • 3. Where do you want the giveaways to be used? In the car? Office?
      Will the swag need to get through TSA? 
    • 4. How do you want people to feel when they receive the swag? Do you want them to laugh? To feel appreciated? To say, “What’s that?”
    • 5. What do you want recipients to do after they receive the trade show swag? Remember your brand? Place an order? Call your business for more info? Go to your website?
    • 6. What is the budget? We know you have one. Team PROMOrx doesn't want to waste your time recommending a .59 pen when you have more budget!
    • 6.5. Will the company logo be legible on the item? Ask us first. Before surfing the web, giving us a list and asking for more pricing. If we see your logo first, we will know or be able to get the graphics team involved.


    With trade show and conference season in full swing, plan now for your company swag to be the event's home run!



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