5 Reasons You Should Be Shopping for Company Swag for Holiday Giving Right Now

October 14, 2016

5 Reasons You Should Be Shopping for Company Swag for Holiday Giving Right Now


5 Reasons to Shop for Company Swag for Holiday Giving NOW


By Lisa Diesel

In my world, between managing a family with kids and a business with marketing needs, the weeks between Halloween and New Year’s Day seem to go by in a dead sprint every year. One thing I have learned from experience is that it is never to early to start planning for the holidays – and this is twice as true for your company’s holiday giving. I have found that October is the best time to start planning my holiday giving strategy, and get orders in for all branded and unbranded gifts. Trust me, once you do this, you will really enjoy a big sigh of relief. Here are some of the benefits of getting the company’s holiday gift giving sorted out right away.

1/Gifts as Marketing: Giving quality, useful branded items to employees and customers at the holidays is a great way to express your appreciation. But still, you want to take the time to carefully consider what items to choose – what can you give that is consistent with the brand? These things will carry your brand’s name as they are used, and additionally any extras you have can be used throughout the year. Consider what have you given previously. We are happy to work with you to help provide some distinctive suggestions for your budget. Planning early gives you time to consider all the options and brand impact.

2/ Working within a Budget: Lets talk about that budget. You know what really kills a budget? Having to pay rush charges on a holiday order that was made late. If you want to maximize your budget and have the best selection of items, get your order in early. Also, when you know that you will be having events in the next year where the same items might be of use, consider ordering them all at once if you have space to store them – the per-piece price goes down on almost all promotional items when you order in volume.

3/Reduce End of Year Stress: The end of the year (and the end of Q4 for many sales and marketing organizations) is stressful enough without pushing the details of holiday giving into the last weeks of the year. Many details can be organized far in advance of holiday shipping. Get the list and addresses of recipients, print out labels in advance, have your sales people sign any greeting cards you plan to include in packages (this can be done in October!) The most organized companies get these details done early enough that they can choose to send out holiday gifts around Thanksgiving as a Thanks for Doing Business and avoid the holiday rush altogether.

4/Planning the overall package: By padding your schedule, you can take the time if you want to get a product sample, order color swatches, or see digital imprint options. You have time to make sure the gift turns out how you envisioned. When you receive your order, you may realize you want to add something to it. Maybe you ordered leather embossed journals and you realize that you have time and budget enough to add a nice pen with stylus to the package. You can come back to PROMOrx and order additional items in time for your holiday shipment.

5/Managing External Factors: Don’t Let Them Become a Factor!
There are several things that add stress when orders are done on a tight deadline. Production and shipping times vary by factory, and because of that every order’s delivery timeline is different. Weather only becomes more of a factor the deeper we get into winter (even if you aren’t located where snow is a concern, the factory may not be so fortunate!) Waiting until the last minute with an order only increases the risk that weather can delay your shipment. By ordering early you maintain control and composure, regardless of external factors.

You will see - getting a jump on the holiday ordering will become a habit after you do it this year, and you will never look back. Just a couple of closing thoughts -
** Make sure to order a few extras: It can be great to have cool company swag on hand. When an executive comes to you with a couple of last minute add-ons to the list, or if you have new hires starting at the beginning of the year – it can be a life saver to have a little bit of stock set aside.
*** Give yourself an early pressie! You’ve done all of the work, make sure to order enough that you have one for yourself. Soon enough you’ll be sporting that sexy company swag during your morning routine, showcasing your great organization and what a smart cookie you are at the same time!

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