How Do You Find The Best Promotional Products for Your Company?

October 15, 2015

How Do You Find The Best Promotional Products for Your Company?


The market for promotional products is saturated, and many of the companies selling them aren’t transparent about the actual quality of the items they’re marketing. They’ll tell you a given custom logo pen is the perfect way to represent your company at a tradeshow, or guarantee you that your employees will “just love” a branded iPad case.

Unfortunately, this is often all talk without any substance (literally).

What We Do

At PROMOrx, we stand out from the crowd by fully informing customers about how to differentiate between high and low quality branded items. If a promotional product isn’t great, and we’re selling it, we’ll either take it off of the website OR inform potential customers that we recommend an alternative.

There are several ways we help you distinguish the high quality promotional products from everything else out there:

  1. Platinum Picks: Hand-selected items that we, personally, love and use. We back these guys up with our own experience and expertise in the field along with input from our trusted clients! 


  1. Providing Descriptions That Are Actually Helpful: Each page of items contains a description of the product(s) being sold. You can easily skim the text to uncover what you need to know about each category of promo product, or specific item you’d like to buy! We also provide detailed information in our 'Purple Papers' series. Purple papers--white papers with some added color!
  1. Helpful Videos: PROMOrx provides videos of certain items to give you the full scoop on what’s good (and bad) about them. The videos are honest reviews of a variety of products, so you know if you’re actually getting what you want.

    What You Can Do



    Whether you’re buying from PROMOrx or a different branded items vendor, we want you to make the right choices to represent your company. You can choose the best promo products with the help of a few simple tips:

    1. If you have any reason to question whether or not a product works as claimed, ask! A good vendor should have impeccable, easy-to-access customer service.
    2. Ask for a sample. See if you can’t hold the item in your hands and see what it looks and feels like in person. Or ask if it's something one of our staff has seen if there's no time.
    3. Consider the cost. If it seems too cheap to be true, it probably is. If your company wants to present itself as high-end and reliable, make sure the promotional products you’re selling or giving away reflect this goal.
    4. Check the details. Is that a metal pen or a plastic pen? Find out how your logo will be added to the promotional items. Look at dimensions. Use an every day item as a reference point so you're not surprised when your order arrives.

            PROMOrx is excited to help you choose only the best for your company. Call us anytime at 888.553.9569 or visit us online to chat with a Marketing Doctor.