What to Say When Your Boss Says 'Find the Cheapest Custom USB Drives'

May 12, 2016

What to Say When Your Boss Says 'Find the Cheapest Custom USB Drives'

Promotional usb driveEver been tasked with finding ‘the cheapest usb drives printed with your company logo’?

What to say when your boss says, 'find the cheapest custom usb drives?' Nothing. Show them this blog post. After reading about incidents like this, they'll likely think twice about a direct China connection and the cheapest usb drives out there.

Is saving a few bucks really worth putting your company brand in jeopardy?

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WHAT HAPPENED: 37,000 dental practices were mailed malware infected usb cards by the American Dental Association

WHAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE LOADED ON THE USB DRIVES: updated dental procedure codes that dental offices use for billing and insurance. (We're asking: why didn't they put the files in the cloud?)

WHAT WAS LURKING ON SOME OF THE BRANDED USB’s:  “One of the files on the flash drive tries to open a web page that is known for distributing malware. The site attempts to inject Windows machines allowing the distributors to gain full remote control of the system. A computer with medical records would really be the holy grail, too. Not only are there billing details and social security numbers, there’s a ton of personal information that could be used for phishing attacks.” from an article on geek dot com.

WHAT THE AMERICAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION SAID: It wasn’t all of the custom usb drives and it was a Chinese supplier.

Ah, a Chinese supplier. Here’s why we think that’s a problem.


    We don't know of any custom flash drive manufacturers in the USA.
    So, what does PROMOrx do?

    1. We use suppliers who order zillions of usb drives from the Chinese factories. Who is more likely to be handled with kid gloves and great customer service? Your company ordering 1000 or even 37,000 custom memory sticks, or a factory ordering zillions? (Like these uber small usb drives!) 
      1. When data is to be preloaded, PROMOrx only uses suppliers who preload the data here in the USA. Will that completely prevent malware problems? No. In the 13 or so years we’ve been selling custom usb drives, we’ve NEVER had a malware infection reported by a client. (Our #1 USB supplier who deals directly with China told us years ago, they don’t allow the Chinese factory to preload data. The usb drives may be printed with your school, organization or business logo in China, but any data is uploaded in the USA. That’s all we needed to hear!)


      PROMOrx sells a custom usb flash drive that appears identical to the ADA usb card. Indeed, it's made in China. Our clients have purchased who knows how many through the years. Not one problem with malware or data preloads. Is ours the cheapest promotional usb drive out there? No. Although it does depend who's prices you're comparing, but that's another blog!

      When your company's reputation matters, details count.

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      PS: PROMOrx had nothing to do with the ADA order for custom usb drives. The story has been all over social media, websites and cyber security websites. We're sharing so you can make the best decision about branded products for your company. 

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