Who Else Still Hasn't Finished Corporate Gift Shopping? Our CFO Shares His 5 Faves.

December 03, 2015

Who Else Still Hasn't Finished Corporate Gift Shopping? Our CFO Shares His 5 Faves.

Top 5 Christmas Favorites for Corporate Road Warriors

With Christmas now just around the corner, it's time to partner with Santa or PROMOrx and get your holiday gifts handled. (Or plan to wait until January to thank customers for their 2015 business and kick off 2016.) 

This assortment should appeal to road warriors and techno-nerds alike.  I've always been big on utilitarian gifts (with a bit of techno built in) just because I knew that if it was something they could use everyday, and worked well, my logo/message would be in front of clients a good percentage of each and every day, if not 24/7.

So here goes:

1.  RFID Blocking Leather Executive Briefcase.  Real leather, tons of cubby holes and pockets, and RFID blocking technology built in to one pocket to protect your passport and credit cards.  What else, short of a briefcase Q designed for Bond, could a road warrior want for Christmas?  Holds a laptop and an iPad, plus accessories!  Won't hold the Case 1107, but who needs it?  You've got that much computing power and then some in your iPad!

2.  Leather Duffel Bag.  Another road warrior favorite and a perfect weekender bag.  Not too big, not too small, just right. Rich Colombian leather (didn't Ricardo Montalban talk about this a while back?)  Pair this with the Leather Executive Briefcase above and you're all set for that quick business trip or long weekend at the cabin.

3.  No Refills Ever Space Pen.   Who doesn't like a Space Pen?  But one that never needs refills?  Where do I sign up?  I've got the Original Astronaut Space Pen and because I write a lot with it everyday I've gone through several refills over the last few years. To think I could get one that would last long after my hands no longer work.  Woowee!  You need to add this one to your will!  Plus the cool finishes available on this pen put it somewhere between Dr Who's Sonic Screwdriver and Dr Crusher's hypo spray!

4.  Corporate Steak Knife Gift Set.  Buzz, buzz goes the Laguiole Bee.  Don't worry if you're allergic, they don't sting, but man do they cut! These knives look great and moreover work even better!  We've had a set that we use a lot and they've held up, sharp as ever.  We've given sets to clients and have gotten rave reviews.  These knives will cut through Aunt Betty's Shoe Leather special like a hot knife through butter.

5.  Spill Proof Insulated Travel Mug.  This is the best coffee mug I've ever used, bar none!  (At least until these folks come up with the next latest and greatest version.)  This mug keeps your coffee so hot you need to let it cool some before you put the lid on!  Keeps hot beverages hot for 6 hours and cold beverages cold for 12.  I've used this mug on a golf course in 90+ degree heat and kept iced coffee cold for 18 holes!  Here's a tip: Do yourself a favor, when you buy these for clients and friends: get a few extra because you're going to want to keep some!  

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Have fun shopping! and Live Long and Prosper! 

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