Candy/Food-Themed Items For Holiday Business Gifts

October 22, 2015

Candy/Food-Themed Items For Holiday Business Gifts




We don’t know about you, but our favorite gift to receive, buy for our colleagues/employees, and, let’s be honest, purchase for ourselves, is food. It’s a pretty safe present---everyone likes to eat, most people like sweets, and there are always savory options for those people who would prefer something salty.


Give a gift you know will be appreciated when you purchase corporate promotional items centered around food. They’re great gifts for the holidays, yes, but it’s also wonderful to just have a little branded tin or food basket available in the office for customers, clients, employees, and co-workers.


With Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas just around the corner, we’ve been selling lots of fun sweets. While most food items are at their peak sales during the holiday season, October truly marks the start of people buying promotional chocolates and candies. Here are some of our favorite food items all season long, which we think also make for perfect holiday treats around the office. 


If you take a look around our offices, you’ll find:


Square Candy Filled Tin


This tin is an inexpensive thank-you gift around Halloween time, into Christmas and New Years. You can have it filled with Jolly Ranchers, Life Savers, Starbursts, and Jelly Belly Jelly Beans---your choice! Once it’s emptied out, you can re-stock it with seasonal treats like candy corn for Halloween and mint chocolates for Christmas!


 Flavored Fortune Cookies




These uniquely flavored cookies satisfy people who may not want a slice of pumpkin pie after a holiday dinner, but could still use some sweet temptation this time of year. Try the Black Raspberry, Pumpkin Pie, or Orange for Halloween (and fill the cookies with a fun, customized fortune accompanied by your company name/logo!)


Business Gift Set With Chocolate Candy




This item might be labeled as an ideal Corporate Christmas Gift, but it’s also a perfect gift to give around Halloween and Thanksgiving-time. M&M’s are a classic seasonal candy, and seven ounces of this treat will give adults their own little candy collection come October 31st or a lighter sweet snack after Thanksgiving dinner. Plus, the branded tumbler will come in handy year-round, long after the candy is gone.


Seasonally-appropriate gifts are extra fun and clever ways to give thanks or forge a relationship with a customer or client. Use this upcoming holiday season as an opportunity to give out branded promotional products as well as gift (and eat) your favorite candy! 

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