12 Products To Help You Promote Your Business To Millennials

October 20, 2015

12 Products To Help You Promote Your Business To Millennials

They say Millennials are a finicky, fickle bunch who are usually on their iPhones avoiding in-person interaction. This may be a bit unfair; it’s also proof that a lot of people just don’t understand the 18-35 year old demographic that occupies so much of the consumer market. Fortunately, the PROMOrx team includes millennials, works with lots of millennials, and tries oh-so-hard to be “in with the in crowd.”

Thanks to years of discussions with clients, and the insight of our very own company employees, we’ve been able to figure out which products this generation of young people love (and which ones they’re not so fond of). This group of people has major purchasing power: they represent a fourth of the entire American population, according to Forbes, “with over 200 billion in annual buying power.” They influence both older and younger generations, so selling your company name to them via promotional products is always a worthwhile investment.

Here’s a look at the promotional products most popular with millennials who either work for companies we do business with directly, or are potential customers for our clients:

      • iPad Air / iPad Air 2 Flexible Protective Case: There’s no denying that millennials love their tech devices, and iPads are a key one, particularly among the young people who are working corporate jobs that involve lots of travel. They’ve become popular devices for reading, watching movies, and doing work on the go. Its flexibility also makes it a little more fun than your standard, stiff case. 
      • Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker: Let’s just be honest, this generation is used to being able to bring their music with them everywhere, even the shower. This device makes it possible. While it does stick to the shower, it also works as a beach/poolside speaker.
      • Convenient Selfie Stick: So what if the Selfie Stick is a little bit corny? Everybody seems to be using it, and it makes it possible to post even more great pics on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. A lot of young people love it for traveling alone, to showcase their adventures on their blogs or social media accounts. Even those who make fun of it love to use it….albeit ironically.
      • Earbuds With Stress Reliever Hashtag Buddy: Millennials are hard workers…and need some stress relief too! The hashtag buddy is a particularly fun one since so many of us love to use that #hashtag. As for headphones, many on-the-go folks lose them seemingly all of the time. Who couldn’t use a new pair? #timefornewheadphones
      • Custom Printed Sunglasses: There's no denying it - these are super fun. If you go onto practically any young person’s social media account, you’ll see them sporting colorful, printed sunglasses branded with the name of their sorority, the company they work for, or a sports team they play on. These are trendy, and at the same time, pop up all of the time as popular promo items for millennial events.
      • Two Tone Drawstring Backpack: Backpacks are particularly popular right now among the older, out-of-school set. These kinds of backpacks may be sportier than the more common leather ones we’re seeing, but they’re usually worn on gym trips, biking to/from work, or around a college campus. They’ve been especially popular choices for sports games!
      • Ladies Polka Dot Tote: This generation is particularly eco-conscious, and eager to do their part to help the environment. Tote bags cut down on waste from disposable plastic bags, and have become popular ways of transporting homemade lunches, farmers’ market groceries, and paperwork!
      • Plastic Cup With Lid & Straw 24 oz.: Reusable cups and tumblers cut down on use of disposable water bottles. They’re cost saving for the budget-conscious, and resource-saving for the environmentally-conscious. Plastic cups in a rainbow of colors are fun, popular choices for the beach, the car, and work.
      • Flavor Infuser Water Bottle: Even young people are health conscious these days, utilizing fruit infuser bottles to add energizing lemon or antioxidant-rich blueberries to their water. This is a trend likely to last; the benefits are countless, and making your own fruit-infused water saves on the cost of bottled “fruit waters.”
      • Thermal Travel Bottle: We’ll just be honest here. One of the main appeals of this bottle is its aesthetics. The colors/designs it comes in are undeniably eye catching, and it has the same look, quality feel, and functionality of a similar, more expensive bottle we’ve seen in popular boutiques.
      • Soft Workout Mat With Tote Bag: Between yoga, Pure Barre, SoulCycle, and Crossfit, today’s 18-35 year-olds have made fitness trendy. This workout mat adds to the healthy, active lifestyle so many of today’s young people value.
      • Metallic iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6+ Cases: We’ve always got our phones in our hands, and this has only added to the appeal of customized cases. By customizing iPhone cases, millennials are able to say a little about their personality, or personal style. Phones have become an accessory, and customizable cases have become a part of someone’s “look.”

        There’s no denying that this influential generation of millennials is an important one to appeal to. These customizable, personalized promotional products are a great way to help today’s young adults showcase their unique personalities, bring the things they love with them, and lead healthy, active lifestyles. 

        If you have any questions about ordering these popular items, be sure to contact an MD (Marketing Doctor) by visiting the website or calling (888) 553-9569. You could also consult with your local, favorite millennial for additional help!

        PS – This blog was written by a certified millennial born in 1987--Jill, our content marketing manager.