PROMOrx Clients: At The Solar Decathlon

September 30, 2015

PROMOrx Clients: At The Solar Decathlon



Ever wonder which companies and organizations utilize PROMOrx? Many PROMOrx clients are companies, schools or organizations with important causes that we are thrilled to assist in any way.

Recently, PROMOrx was able to provide “swag” for an exhibitor at the bi-annual U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon. We provided 75,000 custom printed sun visors to Great Park Neighborhoods, which constitutes groups of homes located at the edge of the Orange County Great Park and districted for Irvine Unified School District.

Working with Great Park Neighborhoods was consistent with the PROMOrx mission of promoting healthy, eco-friendly lifestyles when and where possible. Great Park Neighborhoods consist of walkable/bikeable trails, water-wise landscaping, and native trees and grasses that help beautify and sustain the natural environment.


 Part of Something Larger: The Solar Decathlon


The Solar Decathlon, the event the custom visors were used for, is happening again in Irvine, CA from October 8th until the 18th of 2015. The Decathlon affords collegiate teams the opportunity to design, build and operate solar-powered houses that meet standards for aesthetics, cost-effectiveness/affordability, and of course energy efficiency.

While it’s too late to actively participate in this event for 2015, you can explore the competition houses as a visitor if you’re local to the Irvine area.

Touring the houses is completely free of charge, as part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s effort to show people how they can incorporate solar design into their own homes, and save both money and energy on a daily basis.


The PROMOrx Ethic 



PROMOrx was thrilled to work with the Great Park Neighborhood’s team for the custom sun visors, particularly for such an important, environmentally-focused event. Consistent with the values of the Decathlon, the visors used for the event were made with pre-consumer recycled material and manufactured and printed in the U.S. 

Will your company have a booth at an event focused on eco-friendly practices? You’re in luck! An entire section of promotional materials on our website is devoted to eco-friendly products. That’s what we call responsible business branding.

The goal of PROMOrx is to provide high quality promotional products. But our goal is also larger. We want to help companies and organizations with tremendous ambition achieve their own goals. Smart branding can help in this mission by helping to raise awareness of a group, their message, their mission, and their popularity!

How can we help you?!

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