When You Do the Math on Holiday Corporate Gifts....

October 29, 2020

When You Do the Math on Holiday Corporate Gifts....

'Tis the time of year our clients start asking about corporate gifts for the holidays. Specifically, corporate food gifts are one of the top categories. That's been true for a lot of years.

That's when the math lesson started. 

But first...

We have a supplier who has yummy confections. (Ask Dianna on our team, she's sampled 'em!)

We looked at the list, the client's budget and grabbed the calculator.

The item price was $18.00. Add the setup charge. That adds $3.33 per gift based on the client's order size. Then add a drop ship charge and a gift card for each package + $8.00 each. And then there's shipping per package: $15-22 each depending on where they're headed.


Food gifts are popular corporate gifts every holiday season. We're glad to help you spend your marketing dollars. Back to school....


You're spending an average of $26.50 for shipping and a gift card. So that's $44.50 total per gift. And remember, that's an $18 box of candy. 

The cost of convenience isn't cheap....

Are the chocolate goodies fabulous? Yes.

Is this a smart spend of your marketing budget? Nope.

Still want to give us your money? No problem!


PS What do we recommend? 


This year, there are many options that will help you use your budget for the holiday gift, not for shipping the gift. The key to making sure these options work? Order early. Ask questions. Our team is standing by to assist.

There are a lot of holiday corporate gift options this year that offer no drop ship charges (this is in addition to actual shipping charges) + special rate shipping options to keep costs in line when shipping to residential addresses. Ask us. We will happily point you in the right direction.

If your gifts arrive pre -Thanksgiving, you're golden. Thanksgiving is the perfect, politically correct holiday to say thank you to clients, vendors or your employees.

If your appreciation gifts arrive after Thanksgiving, you're also good. Anything after Thanksgiving is a Christmas gift, right?

What if your holiday gifts arrive AFTER Christmas? No worries. What better way to start out the new year than by saying thank you? 

The key to smart corporate holiday gifts is getting your list together early, ordering early and then being flexible. Shipping is always a challenge in 4th quarter.

With the current state of things in 2020, it will be even more challenging. Expect deliveries to be delayed. Order extra gifts, shipped to one location, that could, in a pinch, be shipped back out in case of shipping delays. (maybe second time is the charm?!)

Ordering your business' holiday gifts early with the intent of using Thanksgiving as the target for your customer or employee appreciation gifts is just plain smart. Especially this year. 

Need corporate holiday gift ideas? Don't miss the download at the end of the blog!


Call 888.553.9569 and let's maximize your holiday gift spend!