When You Do the Math on Holiday Corporate Gifts....

December 05, 2019

When You Do the Math on Holiday Corporate Gifts....

One of our clients asked about corporate food gifts for the holidays last week. And even more clients have asked this week. That's when the math lesson started. 

But first...

We have a supplier who has yummy confections. (Ask Jessica on our team, she's sampled 'em!)

We looked at the list, the client's budget and grabbed the calculator.

The item price was $18.00. Add the setup charge. That adds $3.33 per gift based on the client's order size. Then add a drop ship charge and a gift card for each package + $8.00 each. And then there's shipping per package: $12-19 each depending on where they're headed.


Food gifts are popular corporate gifts in December. We're glad to help you spend your marketing dollars. Back to school....


You're spending an average of $26.33 for shipping and a gift card. So that's $44.33 total per gift. And remember, that's an $18 box of candy. 

The cost of convenience isn't cheap....

Are the chocolate goodies fabulous? Yes.

Is this a smart spend of your marketing budget? Nope.

Still want to give us your money? Come on in!


PS What do we recommend? 

Options are limited if you want to put your budget into the gift, not for shipping, etc. We have some ideas depending on your budget. Call 888.553.9569 and let's maximize your holiday gift spend!


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