Gone Camping: Company Swag Gone Wrong

September 25, 2018

Gone Camping: Company Swag Gone Wrong

Here at PROMOrx, we get many calls that start like this: “I need giveaways for an event. It’s in two weeks. What can I get that is fast and has my logo printed on it?”

Here’s the problem: There is swag you can get fast. But is that swag really going to knock anybody’s socks off? And will the conversation around that swag be good, or bad? 

If you or someone you know is a camper and loves all the gadgets associated with camping and the great outdoors, but your target customer is the tech crowd...well, you have a classic brand disconnect. And worse, you’ve likely wasted marketing dollars.

Buying a trade show giveaway item simply because “your brother has one” (in this case, an RV) isn’t smart marketing. Unless your brother and his tribe are your target market, of course!

Take a breath. Think. And ask yourself these questions:  

  1. Who is your target market?
  2. Is there a theme for the event?
  3. Where do you want giveaways to be used? In the car? In the office?
    Will they have to get through TSA with the swag you choose?
  4. How do you want people to feel when they receive that giveaway? Do you want them to laugh?
    To feel appreciated? To say, “What’s that?”
  5. What do you want recipients to do after they receive the tradeshow swag? Just remember your brand?
    Place an order? Call your business for more info? Go to your website?
  6. What is the budget? Budget divided by the number of items you need will give you a starting place.

You want the giveaway item to be fun and memorable, but sitting down and thinking through your target audience and desired “next steps” from them is key in making the most of your marketing campaign and ensuring you make a lasting impression on potential customers.