8 Corporate Gift Ideas To Buy This Holiday Season

November 17, 2020

8 Corporate Gift Ideas to Buy this Holiday Season

Finding great corporate holiday gift ideas for your customers, employees, and business associates is an art form.

Some go the tried and true route and send a wine and cheese platter, Edible Arrangements bouquet, or the infamous holiday popcorn tin. While there is nothing inherently wrong with any of these business gifts, it is not memorable. You are just another fruit and cheese basket on their desk. After they eat it (or in some cases discard it), there is nothing they can keep with your brand’s name or logo on it. 

Chances are if you are reading this - you don’t want to spend money on just another corporate gift that is going to be forgotten about hours after they received it. Instead, you want a gift they are going to remember.

A great corporate holiday gift checks all of these boxes:

  • The gift is creative.
  • The gift is thoughtful.
  • The gift offers either entertainment or utilitarian value.

In this post, we’re sharing 8 corporate gift ideas that will help you stand out from the crowd this holiday season and show your team or clients that you care while getting your brand out there, too.

Journal Padfolio + Wireless Charger Combo

padfolio and wireless charger

We’re such big fans of this product that we’ve branded it with the PROMOrx logo and sent it as thank you gift to some of our customers.

With a polyester notebook cover, ivory-lined sheets, and a built-in wireless charger (no cords needed for newer phones), it is easy to see why it's been so popular. One of our clients said this portfolio charger was like the 'swiss army knife of notebooks.' This is a gift that any knowledge worker will be using for many months.

Wireless and Traditional Power Bank with Built-In Cables

wireless charger with adapters
One of the biggest problems with giving chargers and power banks as corporate gifts is that if you don’t know what phone (down to the model) a person has, you could get them something that looks awesome but just won’t work with their phone.

That’s why we love
this tech gadget as it solves this problem. With both wireless charging capabilities and built-in cables included, this will charge any smartphone with the exception of dumb phones (i.e. flip phones).

Custom Bluetooth Speakers


One big tech trend we’re seeing this year is portable Bluetooth speakers. With more people at home, having portable music available is even more important. 

The faux wood trim gives these bluetooth speakers a unique look. And with your company, school or organization's logo branded as shown, it's a fun marketing tool. Rock on!

Customized Selfie Light


These customizable selfie lights will help your customers, employees and business associates snap the perfect photo every time. Or they will be ready for their next zoom meeting or virtual conference while working from  home.

With a universal  clip and three different brightness settings, poor lightning and red-eye photos will be a thing of the past. Bonus - every time they snap a perfect selfie or jump on the next zoom meeting, your brand will be front and center.

Insulated Cup with Grip


If you are in the wine business or work with a lot of wine connoisseurs, one way to impress is to gift them with a unique insulated cup. The beauty of these is that yes, they work for wine lovers, but are also perfect for a cup of hot tea, coffee or hot chocolate. You've got all the bases covered!  

The cup is made from stainless steel, and what sets them apart is the silicone grip. Whenever clients, vendors or staff sip their latest Chardonnay, Cabernet or Pinot Noir, they’ll be reminded of your brand. We can't promise you'll never spill your beverage again, but you'll surely have a better handle!

Custom Phone Sanitizer

If you want to give something truly useful and very appropriate with the current pandemic, go with these custom phone sanitizers. This one comes in two sizes.

The regular one will hold a phone only. The larger size will hold your phones + other small items and sterilize at one time.

There's plenty of room on either size for your business logo to be perfectly legible.

The UV-C technology has been used for years, both in similar phone sanitizers and hospitals. Why? It works. And there's proof! 

Custom Umbrellas

Some of our favorite corporate gift ideas are things that you know people will use and be so appreciative of your thoughtfulness. Like these inside out umbrellas. If you don't have one of these style umbrellas, you're going to want one. So order extras! 

Tired of dashing to your car in the poring rain and then trying to figure out how to get your umbrella in the car without taking a second shower for the day? These inverted (inside out) umbrellas take care of that problem! 

Plenty of room for your company, school or event logo, too!

Cookies & Crumbs Gift Box Set

If you are absolutely set on food gifts this holiday season, you should order one that comes with something they can use long after the food is gone.  You can order this gift box set with only the extremely yummy snacks or buy the deluxe box with all the snacks and a cool mini vacuum we call the cookie crumb slayer. 

This boxed set has your business logo printed on the box and comes with an enclosure card with your message. If you go with the deluxe set, your company logo will be printed on the desktop vacuum in full color, too! 


With the holidays around the corner, these eight gift ideas are crowd pleasers that will help your business stand out for all the right reasons.

If you have any questions about any of these gift ideas, please message our team anytime here.  Or call 888.553.9569