Tech Today: Trends in Technology and How It Influences Brand Marketing

October 02, 2015

Tech Today: Trends in Technology and How It Influences Brand Marketing



We all know how much technology impacts our daily lives, making it easier to connect with friends, order food delivery, book travel…you name it!

What we don’t always consider is how it can have a tremendous influence on business branding and marketing. Tech trends of today ranging from social media to on-demand television make it both easier and more difficult to sell whatever your product is, be it a good or a service. 

PROMOrx works hard to keep our fingers on the pulse of technology, staying in touch with trends that can both hinder and help your efforts to promote your brand. We’re here to help.

There are several key tech trends that we consider worth mentioning for their substantial impact on your ability to reach your customer base. We’ve also explored how we can help you best leverage these popular tech tools to optimize your business:





According to Tech Crunch, Instagram is the fastest-growing social media site on an international scale. What does that mean for you? That you should tap into it if you haven’t already. Many businesses have Instagram accounts these days. People often prefer to look at images with brief captions rather than read, especially in our instant-gratification culture.

If you still don’t have an Instagram account, be sure to set one up! Branded promotional items, like those from PROMOrx, are great visuals for your account. Photograph your team sipping lattes in your branded coffee tumbler or take pics of your giveaways at an event.


Phone Apps



New apps come out every single day, and lots of them can help your productivity at work. Google’s mobile app is just one extremely popular example. However, there are increasingly more novel apps that make it easier for you to post regularly to social media (Buffer and Hootsuite among them), manage projects (Asana or Basecamp), and stay on top of your brand’s online presence (consider the aptly named Mention or Buzzcapture).

Now that marketing is easier than ever, it’s all the more important that you have a strongly and clearly branded business.


Selfie-Culture/Selfie Sticks




Selfies fill your newsfeed, and they’re next to impossible to escape. Once you learn to embrace the selfie, you might come to realize that people love to showcase themselves, their activities, and the things they value. Give customers branded items to wear, use, and enjoy, and encourage them to “tweet” at you when utilizing these products. Maybe embrace the selfie craze further by adding a selfie stick to your promotional product mix. Both are great ways to improve brand visibility, while capitalizing on people’s passion for the selfie.


On-Demand TV: Fast Forwarding Through Commercials



You might love that you can fast-forward through those pesky ads thanks to your DVR and Video On Demand. But your company probably doesn’t love that lost advertising opportunity.

If you represent a business that advertises on TV, you’ve probably come to realize that television ads don’t accomplish what they once did.

This makes alternate branding opportunities all the more important. When TV ads become less reliable, make sure you market your company via promotional products, social media, and at trade shows as much as you possibly can.

You’ve already seen your business thrive. But you can help your company even more by staying on top of tech trends and their impact on marketing/branding. Follow us on social media as we work together to master the art of branding your business:

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