Baby It's Hot Out There

August 14, 2015

Baby It's Hot Out There

Hilton Head South Carolina Personal Photo Vickie MacFadden

Anybody else having a meltdown with all the heat and humidity? From South Carolina (that's Hilton Head Island in the picture above from my personal collection) to Texas to California, it’s so hot that when you step out the door at 7:30 AM, you’re already sweating! 

In any hot climate, there are a few necessities for getting by, especially during a grocery trip. Here at PROMOrx we love to use insulated, reusable grocery tote bags when headed to the local Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods! Reusable grocery bags are everywhere and for good reason. They’re an earth friendly option, and can even save you some money. In case you didn’t know, here’s a breakdown of stores that actually reward you for using reusable grocery bags. The discounts may seem small at first, but it all adds up:

Reusable Bag Rewards:

Target - 5 cent discount per bag

Whole Foods - 10 cent discount per bag

Trader Joe’s - 5 cent discount per bag, or entry in a weekly $25 gift card raffle in some stores

Kroger - 5 fuel points, or 4 cents back, depending upon the store

Regardless of the money-saving benefits, insulated bags are a must to get your groceries home without a complete melt down. If you want your company name out there, order these popular eco-friendly bags today!

Here are a couple of our favorite options: 

Fill to the Top Grocery Bag 

Why We Love It: It holds more than most bags, and is built to support the weight of a heavier load. That means you can buy more at the Farmer’s Market.

Insulated Grocery Bag with Bottle Holder 

Why We Love It: There's an interior pocket to hold a bottle of wine in this custom grocery bag. It gets the job done thanks to insulated lining. Unlike a lot of the reusable bags you find at your local grocery store, this zips closed to keep your items secure.

While out and about running errands, people can stay hydrated and keep cool with the help of our
PROMOrx water bottle, Promotional Water Bottles which has been labeled a Platinum Pick because of its' quality and popularity. It will keep your drink cold all day, even if you leave it in a hot car while you’re in the store. Now that’s impressive! It also comes in some beautiful, bright colors perfect for summer, as well as more muted and conservative tones.

Be sure to let us know if there are any PROMOrx products that you are using, and loving, to help beat the heat.