The 4 Real Reasons Your Trade Show Booth Gets Traffic

February 07, 2017

The 4 Real Reasons Your Trade Show Booth Gets Traffic

Trade show company swag tips

It’s that time of the year again – trade shows and annual meetings galore. Since PROMOrx has helped quite a few companies make sure their time on the trade show floor was a success, we thought we’d pass along a few nuggets of knowledge as you continue to make your conference plans.

One important thing to realize is the motivations attendees have while they walk the convention floor. Why does your trade show booth get traffic? Seriously, it basically boils down to the following reasons:

1)     To get your company swag. These people will mostly likely never convert to buyers for your company.

2)     To spend some time with you since they are already clients.

3)     To kill some time between sessions.

4)     To find new vendors. **Coveted Category**


To make your time worthwhile, it’s a good idea to appeal to each of these categories.

Many companies have a tendency to get annoyed with the folks who don’t fall into the fourth category of potential leads. Don’t be!

If you’re smart about your giveaway items, they will be used daily and publicly.

cool trade show giveaways

Promotional product market research found that people keep reusable bottles for over 7 months. That’s 7 months of advertising each and every day for your brand – and we all know that brand recognition is helpful in increasing consideration when the time comes to buy. That conference giveaway represents your brand until it’s no longer being used. Which brings us to our next point…

Make sure you buy quality items. For 2018, we’ve seen power banks (mobile chargers), continue to be very popular tech giveaways. But beware…buy a cheap mobile charger and you could be sending the wrong brand message. There’s a good chance conference attendees are going to put the phone charger to use almost immediately. After all, they’re more than likely travelling to the trade show. If you chose a 2,200 mAh (milliamp) portable charger, some devices won’t even fully charge once – and that may not be the message you want your brand to send. 

Mobile portable chargers we recommend:

Power Bank with Built In Cables

5000 mAh Custom Mobile Charger

UL Certified Phone Charger



TRADE SHOW BOOTH TIPS: The best trade show swag helps drive more traffic to your booth – increasing your potential to get those all-important leads. Another way to drive traffic is through a clear booth design and a unique experience. Remember that show attendees are walking through the aisles at a fairly brisk pace and you need to very quickly have it clear what your company does and make them want to stop.

Oftentimes, we see booths that have a lot of corporate-speak on them. For instance, “We’re the market leader in multi-discipline, cross-functional so-and-so!” We don’t know what that means and the attendees likely do not either. Make sure your booth spells out what you do plainly and simply. 

Speaking of plain and simple trade show booth examples, check out #2 and #3 in this article 25 Creative Trade Show Display Ideas


Another great way to make sure you get traffic to your booth is to provide a cool experience. Many companies do that by offering coffee or snacks. What we’re seeing more and more of for 2018 trade shows is to incorporate virtual reality headsets into their show. As people pass by, they can’t help but be curious about what is playing in the headset and for many, it may be their first VR experience.


We hope your 2018 shows are a great success. If PROMOrx can be of any assistance in helping your company make that happen, give us a shout.