Top 5 Things To Get Ready Before an Expo

An exposition, trade show or marketing event-- may sound simple enough. You and your team go, you get face time, talk to a few people, and get your name out there. Simple enough, right? Wrong. There are actually a few things you need to fine-tune before heading to a marketing event, five to be exact:

  1. Offer more than a giveaway. Don’t just stand around at your booth and expect people to come to you. Be pro-active and excited to be there and your potential customers will be too. Giveaways can bring individuals to the booth. To get them to speak about you and spread the word, it’s important you draw potential customers in through interesting displays and well-thought out campaigns. Are you utilizing social media? Pre-event mailings? What about a giveaway after they set an appointment or make a purchase?
  2. Is your signage ready and presentable? Is your signage for the exposition warm and inviting? Does it make people feel comfortable approaching your booth? Again, integrated marketing is key. Keep your signage aligned with the major message your brand is trying to convey.
  3. Is your staff trained? Do you have people on site that are trained and knowledgeable about your product or service? This is important because you are wasting time and money if you aren’t presenting a united, and knowledgeable, front.
  4. Are your materials ready? Do you have your branded materials ready? Have you thought in-depth about what they say about your company? Keep everything stream-lined and clean, the way you want your brand to be perceived.
  5. Make goals. Are they tangible? Have you sat down with your team and made feasible goals for the event? Are they realistic? Making challenging but realistic goals is key. If your goals aren’t challenging enough your team will feel bored. If your goals are too difficult,  your team will undoubtedly begin to take on a defeatist attitude. Like all things in life, goals are a must. Take the time to make them.

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