Earth Day | EarthDay Giveaways

Earth Day (sometimes called Arbor Day) is an annual event to celebrate the Earth, to be more mindful about protecting its resources, and to encourage positive environmental change. It is celebrated on April 22nd every year with festivals and events around the world. Be part of a worldwide event on April 22nd. EarthDay is the biggest civic event in the world

Earth Day, as noted, is April 22nd. Your customers and employees are just waiting to receive eco friendly giveaways that they can keep and reuse.

Promotional giveaways that help you & your customers/clients honor our environment year-round are memorable and meaningful.
There are so many eco friendly giveaway ideas:

  • Biodegradable Flower Planting Kit
  • Seeded Paper Bookmark
  • Recycled Journals


How to promote Earth Day and connect with clients and employees: 
1) Donate to a local environmental non-profit organization
2) Switch out typical Earth Day giveaways for eco-friendly options
3) Encourage the use of both recycled swag and reusable swag for giveaways
4) When purchasing Earth Day giveaways, make sure they are useful

Earth Day is a time to remember the importance of protecting our planet for future generations. These eco friendly giveaways help protect the Earth by encouraging sustainable practices, recycling and reusing.

But don’t wait until Earth Day to be part of something bigger…make the earth better today!