Your Guide to Buying Branded Pens

July 27, 2020

Your Guide to Buying Branded Pens

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a branded pen is worth 1,000 opportunities to meet with your customers and potential clients. Continuous usage means they'll not only keep your brand in their sight every time they write something down, but also value the item enough to share it with others. Use branded pens as: Trade show giveaways, virtual event giveaways, part of employee onboarding packages and more! ​

Ordering branded pens doesn’t have to difficult. There are great branded pens to buy that will get used daily, keeping your brand logo in sight, week in and week out!


Know how much you have to spend and how many branded pens you need to order. When you’re looking for giveaway pens or other items, the options are often dictated by your budget. Buying branded pens in bulk is a common purchase by businesses and schools, too!

When you’re going for a budget friendly, yet a smooth writing branded pen, look for a custom pen that’s unique. We’ve got the GET THEIR ATTENTION BRANDED PEN, a great printed pen that comes with colored ink to match the barrels. Or if you prefer black ink, it’s available. When your logo is printed on the barrel, it’s a perfect giveaway pen or one to put in new employee hire packages. Shh, don’t tell anyone what you spent on these customized office pens. It’s our little secret.

If you’re looking for an on trend branded pen with loads of color choices, it has to be the Custom Le Pen. This retail favorite branded pen comes in lots of colors. The ink color matches the barrel color and the ink is smudge-free. One of these colors will be perfect for your brand logo.  NOTE: The decoration area is not very tall, so detailed logos may not work. 



When you’re looking to customize a pen with your logo, consider the imprint area. You’ll find it on every customized pen on our website. Why is this important? We know you want your brand logo and contact info legible – without ordering a magnifying glass to go with your logo'd pen! This classic promotional business pen has plenty of room for most any logo!



What are the must have features for the logo pens you buy with your marketing budget? We hear it all! Some prefer slim barrels, others like their promotional pens with a more substantial barrel. Some prefer custom pens with a stylus and others look for promotional pens with built in lights or laser pointers. What about presentation? Do they come bulk packed? Or in velvet sleeves or in a nice presentation box? Details matter!

One of our current favorite customized stylus pens is one with an interesting mesh fabric stylus. Most stylus pens come with a rubber stylus so this custom stylus pen will immediately stand out. And check out the available barrel colors including rose gold!

Cost-effective custom stylus pens with a bit of personality? Try this custom stylus pen. The trim sets it apart from the pack.

This classic branded pen has a stylus and a built in light.



Antimicrobial items have been in the promo space for years. But they're back. This advertising pen has an antimicrobial additive. Bonus? It's made in the USA!



Sustainable pens, eco friendly pens or refillable pens all work well under the sustainability category.

This promotional recycled pen is made from 80% recycled material and is one of our top sellers in the category.

This bamboo barrel pen is laser engraved (no ink used) for a double dose of sustainability!



When it comes to classic branded pens, you can’t go wrong with this customized Twist On Pen with a shiny silver laser engraving.

If you’re into SpaceX or NASA, you’ll want to grab the Executive Astronaut Pen. And don’t miss the Seinfeld video that mentions it!

The Cross Pen name is widely known. This classic custom stylus pen also has a pencil and eraser. Cover all the bases when you gift team members or clients with this pen!


Why not give pens to everybody with your logo printed on them so your brand is front and center every time they grab one to jot in their journal or notebook? 

Branded pens are a great way to help secure brand awareness by letting your customers take your logo anywhere. With our selection of unique promotional pens, you will find the perfect promotional pen for your brand.

There are literally 1000’s of custom branded pen choices in the office supplies category. When you’re buying branded pens with your company or school logo, these simple tips will help you make the best decision for cost effect branded giveaway pens or high quality branded pens for corporate gifts.