9 Career Fair Giveaways Your Company Can Use Now

October 24, 2018

9 Career Fair Giveaways Your Company Can Use Now

The infamous career fair. Candidates are doing their best to make a great first impression, so it seems only right that you need to be putting your best foot forward too. Because let’s face it, without some really cool giveaways, your career fair exhibit is obsolete.

The right giveaways, however, will not only get job seekers to visit your table, but also get them talking about your company long after the event is over. Here are our top picks for some of the hottest career fair giveaways out right now.

1. Custom Tote Bags 

Career fairs are notorious for their swag. As candidates are making the rounds, the amount of stuff they collect adds up. Doesn’t it make sense to offer them something they can use to haul around all that promotional swag? Meanwhile, as they walk around, your company is getting significant brand exposure. Customize the totes with your company logo. You’ll not only offer candidates something they’ll use (hey, they may even take it to the grocery store after the fair is over!), but you’ll be reaping the advertising benefits.

2. Drinkware

They’re everywhere! Insulated travel bottles come with us to the gym, the office, and on our evening walks. Not to mention, we are constantly reminded of how bad plastic bottles are, so it’s almost second nature to reach for something more eco-friendly. That alone makes custom water bottles a no brainer when it comes to your company’s career fair giveaway swag. Job seekers will appreciate a substantial product that can be used over and over again.   

3. Portable Chargers

Portable chargers continue to be a hot commodity when it comes to promotional merchandise. A small branded power bank can fit anywhere and some of them can even charge multiple devices at once. You’ll offer job fair candidates peace of mind knowing they no longer have to stress about their phone’s battery being at 2%! Brand exposure + saving the world = Priceless.  

4. Branded Notebooks  

Have you ever needed to jot something down only to discover your smartphone is dead? There’s a solution for that: the branded notebook. Job seekers are going to need to take down a lot of information - from phone numbers to email addresses to directions to interview times - and doing this on a phone isn’t always convenient. Adding your custom logo to a notebook not only offers candidates a product they can use immediately, it’s also ensuring your company’s brand is being seen by a lot of people. 

5. USB Car Charger

We live in a world that is ruled by our devices, and the amount of battery life left in them can make or break a moment. For people who are busy, this often means charging on-the-go. That’s where these compact, dual port car chargers come in handy. Offered in a variety of colors, they’re easy to customize with your company logo, and makes for an easy promotional giveaway at any career fair.  

6. Keychain with Charging Connectors

All-in-one swag is really number one swag. With so many devices, chargers, and cords, it’s hard to keep up, let alone find your keys! That’s why this customized keychain with charging connectors makes a great promotional item. What looks like a simple keychain also alleviates the need for multiple cords, which is a burden most job seekers will be glad to get rid of. Engrave the keychain with your company logo for a functional branding opportunity.

  1. Stylus Pens

When it comes to company swag, pens tend to be the fallback option because they’re super affordable and easy. And that’s okay. Sometimes budgets don’t offer room for anything else. However, another affordable option that might add some spice to the standard pen is the stylus pen. The stylus pen is functional in that it can be used on any tablet or screened device, and still customizable to show off your brand.

  1. Wireless Earbuds  

Company swag with no strings, erm, cords attached! Wireless earbuds are a great way to make yourself heard among job seekers and anyone who may be around as your custom logo can be printed on both of the earbuds. For job seekers who are juggling a lot of technology, eliminating cords and wires is going to be sweet music to their ears. Use these custom wireless earbuds for a drawing to entice attendees into your booth.

  1. Bluetooth Clip-On Speaker

Compact and portable, this Bluetooth clip-on speaker is a fun idea when it comes to giving away a more substantial booth gift. Job seekers are going to need to decompress after the fair is over, so why not offer them a really amazing tech gadget to help them do just that? Emblazoned with your custom logo, candidates will have a constant reminder of your company’s coolness factor, and isn’t that what we’re going for here?!  

Go All Out with Career Fair Swag This Year

There you have it! Nine promotional products to set your company apart from the competition at the next career fair.

You can opt for useful or fun or a mix of the two, but whatever you choose, be sure to keep the job seeker in mind.

If some of these cool career fair giveaways are over your budget, consider using them for drawings or as a reward for watching a video or scheduling an interview for instance. They’ll help show off your custom logo better if they have products they’re going to use with regularity.

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